Is Time Real or Relative – Relative

Is time real or relative, in my strongest opinion and judgement on this question, I truly believe time is relative. It is purely made up to organize what we perceive time to be into units all of us can understand and use. For example a minute, to us, a minute is a unit that consists of sixty seconds and sixty minutes make up an hour and so forth. Then in truth if time was real, a minute should be real as well, but is it really? Of course not, a minute can be perceived by different reference points as being different depending on speed. For example, a person on earth perceives time as being uniformly even all throughout the globe since we all travel at the same rate of 30 mph, the speed of the spin on earth. Now, an astronaut in space sees time a little differently, since there moving faster then us, there time appears to move faster. This even has even been proved and it is as stated: The faster an object moves towards the speed of light, the slower the time appears to pass by.

How can this possibly be? This means if someone was moving at the speed of light while we remain in our constant speed, the person moving at the speed of light would see time moving slower than ours, but not just only see and feel time moving slower, but time would actually in fact move slower! The experiment has been tested using atomic clocks by scientist and results conclude that time does in fact go slower as the speed goes faster.

Why would this strange phenomenon occur then, does this make time an actual thing or just relative. As stated before, this makes time truly relative, it is the 4th dimension of space that changes to fit the view of a certain reference point or person. It is one thing to say time is real as well, it has no quantitative or qualitative variable, except for those put on by our own race of humans. Time is just a systematical way to concur phases of the day, week, months, and years. It has no real effect on us, all of the world could one day just suddenly stop using time as a reference, and we would still live.

Believers that time exist have a strong point to there arguement though. There basis is that time effects people, living things, and events, but let me undermine this statement. Time is not what actually causes all of these, but that of human interaction and those of the cosmos. Time does not make an apple rot, but the bacteria eating away at it that makes it rot. The variable time is just a way to measure how long an apple would rot, but time has no real direct effect on the apple.

The last possible way for me to try to explain how time is not real, but relative, is how it is able to be manipulated. Time, if you did not know, can actually be warped by many causes, such as black holes, proved to exist, wormholes, still a theoretical but highly possible phenomena, and lasers, which warp time. A black hole is a strong gravitational giant with such a dense core that it can bend space and TIME, meaning it can manipulate it by making it slower. Wormholes has also been acknowledged to be able to change time from one entrance to the other, making the time to pass through the wormhole seem shorter from the difference in the both mouths of the hole. And finally lasers, it is still in the early stages of research but holds light to the theory that they can manipulate time, a vortex of lasers can twist and turn space to suspend time in that little area. These are just a few ways that time can be manipulated by occurrences in the universe.

Time is just a relative issue that we live with, and not real. It cannot provide direct contact to an object, thus making it unable to change things. It is purely mans way to put numbers and sense to our changing of life in the fourth dimension of space and time. And that is all what time really is, a quantitative variable, not outcome.