Is Time Real or Relative – Relative

Time. Its’ purpose its’ place its’ life. Wait, what was that last one? Its’ life? Well time can be changed and time will eventually end. At the end of time it shall be Armageddon. The Bible tells us a lot about the end of time and eternal being and implies that time on earth is finite yet time in Heaven is infinite and will not end.

Time is measured in seconds, minutes etc. and many people believe that time itself is just a straight line and everything is predestined. To some extent that is 100% true, I have created a simple experiement to show this. Imagine you have a number line with the numbers 0 to 5 or infact any number line with any values of any kind. In order to get from one value to the next or in my example 0 to 2 you need to add 2. Simple enough? Yes, of course, simple maths. However imagine visually adding 2 to 0 and you will see that on the number line you must cross over 1 to be able to get to 2. Sound strange? Well think about taking away the number 1 and becomes impossible to get to 2 from 0 by adding 2 as there is a hole.

This example shows how time works, you can create holes which need fixing or time cannot continue. These holes are created by changing predestined must happen events. If these events do not occur then time itself will collapse as it cannot move on, bring Armageddon closer to us. However, not all events are on this time line and many events occur that do not fit on the line and so time is both a straight line and a ball of the time particles. Time is relative to us all as we change and affect it around the ball and yet the line keeps moving. But for different purposes and different people the line moves slower or faster and therefore time passes at different for different people. This explains why time passes slower when we are young, the line of time moves at a different speed possibly because our brains are not as developed in our perception of the vastness of all eternity and therefore we percieve to be different at different times.

All this makes time travel possible if we change our brain to change the perception of time allowing us to move throughout time and space without actually moving, the line around us moves. This process could explain out of body experiences and perceptions of time and space around us. Maybe we don’t need time machines as our bodies are already time machines and we just need to harness the power that we have, after all the Bible says we were modelled in God’s image, and God exists throughout all of time and space and so it may be possible for us to move throughout the universe and the time spectrum but we cannot go to the end or the beginning as they exist out of the time line.