How Bionics can help us

After watching “The New Inventors” tonight, I got to thinking that what we need is technology that allows us to do anything and everything we want – things like getting rid of wheelchairs, sensing radio and ultraviolet waves … even the ability to vomit up our appendix 🙂

I’ll start my discussion with this paragraph adapted from DISCOVER science magazines article “Illuminated Life – Meet the true masters of optics: Animals that know a lot more about slicing, dicing, and twisting beams of light than we do” by George M. Whitesides, Portfolio by Felice Frankel (08.06.2005)

“The grooved structure of peacock feathers splits light in the same way as a diffraction grating, a tool invented by 19th-century physicist Joseph von Fraunhofer to discern the nature of sunlight. The skeleton of Venuss flower-basket (a sponge, one of the simplest animals) directs light where it is needed, just like modern optical fibers. Morpho butterflies create color by selectively adding and deleting certain wavelengths of light. Physicists have only recently devised comparable materials, called photonic band-gap crystals; and are now exploring their use in phone switches, solar cells and antennas. No surprise, then, that some engineers are looking to the living world for the next generation of optic inspirations.”

I believe advances in engineering and biology will enable humans to selectively add and delete all wavelengths of energy – and thanks to quantum physics’ knowledge of matter’s Wave-Particle Duality, all forms of matter. So the day will come when there are absolutely no limits to what a human can do!

In the 1990s book “Marys Message to the World” by Annie Kirkwood, it is stated that the mother of Jesus says people will have new structures in their bodies in the future and these will give us new abilities. Could these structures be cells in the brain that act as photonic band-gap crystals, and selectively add and delete certain wavelengths of light? Photonic band-gap crystals would, of course, only deal with light in its photonic forms (energy forms such as visible light or radio). The band-gap structures I have in mind would need to deal with forms like matter, so they could add or delete anything and everything we choose. They might accomplish this by acting similarly to a modem, and digitising matter – then by emulating computers copy/paste function to add things; as well as their delete function, to remove things.

Serious scientific research into the possibility of everything in time and space (as well as on Earth) being united in a Theory of Everything (thus allowing the strange form of space travel which science-fiction calls time travel) began with Einstein’s theories and, though these things are not proven facts yet, research is enthusiastically advancing (the best known science advocating these is probably string theory). One result of the universe being a unified field and permitting time travel to be possible is that you and I dont have to wait for this incredibly great future to eventuate. It already exists, and it is possible for our brains to access that future.