The Meaning of Human Engineering

by desmond rasheen calhoun e/4/86 5’1 285 – How to live forever

The idea of living forever is the key to humanity surival. It is the fountain of youth we were build to live forever but are cell decay at a rapid rate. To reverse this dcay we have to replace old cell with new cell. from stem cells can convertd to any cell that it is surround in that position or area of decay. the key to live forever is very simple but complicated. the the key is cell regeneration when body is place on ice the cell are in a stable position, but at hte same time the cell dna are fratured. when body is place on ice insert the cehmical that is in frog dna that keep cellls structure furom being destroyed. body should be below normal body temperatrue to slow down deteriroation of cells. first remove dead cells from he body replace dead cells from the body replace dead cells with regenert cells. by using eleven million carbon namo steel needles/tubes place through thee whole entire body espeailly the brain lungs heart and bone structure. place nano tubes thre hundred and sixty degrees around the body . remove and replace cells with sstem cells repnerates causeing regernation of cell tissue that replace celsls with. cells four ergernation of cell tissue taht replace cells with cells four regeneration that exact cell iin that location . when all heart cells and brain cells are replace then send electrol impulses throught the body four nerve stimulation. through the whole body use electromatic exaction field wave to circulate blood through system while use electrical empulses to stimlulate the brain activity when brain is already regennarted with stemcells/ and regenrants that were use to artifical recreated the frogs heart . basaially recrate a atmostphere of pregency during 9 month birth cycle in the body body to help regenration of eeach cell wall . body should be surmerge in a elevctrified fluid sending impuses to the body help regenration of each cell that is been replacing old cells with stem cells at excact dead cell postion thsi causeintg regernation of the dad body through the spinal cord shoulnd be alligned at each neon point specail impulses should beconnected becuse its part of the central body neverous systeme that all body fenhigt the same in a birth each proces should calculated and monater ver y percisesly boy a computers by sensors. brain cells refgeneration should be more acurataly then the rest of the bouyd because it the most complex and important body structure to take care of thsi area should be fielsd wiht more of a density of nanocarbon fiber steel needle tubes the process of loiving forever is similar to brigning a body back to life. more on my blog… my email adress