Is there Intellegent Alien Life in the Universe

Yes there is a possibility that there are intelligent life forms in the universe. As one writer in this category said “anything is possible”. This kind of article is fun to write because no one has any real proof that these beings exist. Therefore we are all free to speculate on the subject. Until “they” come here or we go there we will still be in the dark.

It is interesting that man as a society is so arrogant as to believe that carbon based life forms (us) are going to be the only ones found “out there”. It’s like believing that the Microsoft operating system is the only one that will work; then along comes Java and others which are quite unlike Windows and some say work much better. We compare various star systems and now planets and scientists make an assumption that this one will support “life” and this one won’t. This planet is ideally suited to our type of life, but many others may be able to support “life” but of an entirely different kind than ours.

It is the scientists in that area who form the opinion that a living, air breathing, heart pumping walking, talking creature is all we are ever going to find. That may not be true. One “example” is Ray Bradbury’s book “The Martian Chronicles” where life on Mars was a different species altogether, seemingly appearing as many different things to many different people, living in the past and present at the same time, sometimes good, sometimes evil and not necessarily anything like a “human”.

You have to wonder about scientists anyway. They have only recently discovered that the visible universe may account for only 5-10% of what of what the universe is really made of, that is . dark matter and dark energy. Without these masses and energies the universe would go flying off into space with no force that we know about able to keep it together. We humans only see what minute particles called photons, reacting with our eyes, allows us to see. Mathematics allows us to see better, but mathematics is highly theoretical and leads to no real answers as it does not interpret what it sees, only records it as a mathematical probability. Did the “discovery” of dark matter and dark matter really lead us anywhere? Yes, it led to a whole new set of questions.

When you consider the vast number and character of species of life that are and have been on the earth you can speculate anything is possible. There are fish that survive near the bottom of the ocean, in extremely cold conditions, that have no eyes as they don’t need them. Humans have relatively little sense of smell, while other species could not survive without it. Other species have no real language but communicate intuitively without sound. Species exist that are completely unlike us other than they are able to survive in the same environment as us.

What is life anyway? Evolution says life began with a single cell, the components randomly coming together and suddenly becoming alive. However, we know of no combination of elements that, when mixed together, are able to form life or any life like function at all. A one cell creature is itself a complicated “lifeform”, performing in harmony thousands (or millions) of functions each day. And all this supposedly came to being because of a random event somewhere in time. Did that cell produce the second cell that brought the two together and over time developed into tigers, puffer fish, elephants, dinosaurs and man? It’s really a big chunk to swallow.

This article is not about evolution verses religion but it’s worth mentioning here. When God allegedly created life he took inanimate objects, like Adam from the clay, and breathed into him the spirit of life. That brings up an interesting point. It’s been shown lately in surveys that a majority of peoples, including Americans, “believe in God”. If we believe He exists then He must live somewhere else because we can’t see Him. Spirituality, and to some degree Christianity, teaches that he lives in “heaven”. Heaven then is a realm that we must believe exists. Could it be the realm of the unseen spirit world composed of God, the dead, the angels and other creatures we have no idea of? It’s like dark matter-we know it’s there but we can’t see it. The majority of us who believe also know God is there but we can’t see Him either. Just the idea that there may be a reality in creation that does not emit photons allowing us to see should not be beyond the realm of possibility. Maybe more is unseen than seen.

The same may be true of alien “civilizations”. They may not be civilizations at all, as we know them. Their ideal climate may be 200 degrees F. They might obtain nourishment from eating lead. They may be entirely invisible to us. They may not be intelligent, but have other talents. They may be able to travel space without rockets and suits. One example is the Superman character who was propelled to earth from light years away by a crystal. Some may be able to use dark energy to their advantage to travel the cosmos at speeds beyond our comprehension.

We assume that the speed of light is the fastest speed that can be traveled and anything beyond that is impossible. Here again, the photon, the particle of what we call “light”, travels that speed (186,000 m.s.) and since all we can see comes from the photon we assume the same is true of all creation and life forms. Yet there have been a few examples of ones who walk on very hot fire barefoot, who can walk through a wall or even be transported instantly from one place to another. What if space travel is to some aliens just thinking they want to be another place and going there in an instant. What if those who do this are unintelligent creatures that were “born” with these innate powers? Do you there may be things that exist in the universe that we could not even conceive or imagine?

Because I am a Christian I believe there is a creator and a realm of which we cannot conceive of because it can’t be seen. Things completely beyond human imagination. Would we even recognize these creatures if they walked in our midst? The same is true of aliens-they could already be here but our 5 senses cannot perceive them. They may subsist, if they even need to, by food we don’t even know. They may perform services for or against us without us even knowing that they are an operating force in our society or lives.

Science can compute mathematically the creation of the universe down to a Plank’s second (-10 41st of a second) after the big bang, but it cannot tell us where that little piece of matter and energy came from in the first place. This is impossible for man to conceive, just as eternity (no beginning or end) is. The solution to these and other mysteries are too far advanced for even brilliant human brains to conceive.

I don’t know whether there is or is not, intelligent or otherwise, life in the universe. There have been so-called “sightings” by many people but with the government’s tendency to want to cover everything up we don’t know what is real and what is not. There have been reported abductions but unless you were an actual abductee no one can say for sure whether this did or didn’t happen. There are millions who spend their lives in the field of UFOology and it is clear much of that ome of their beliefs are not only speculation but outright insanity. But we can’t be sure. The Roswell landing was the closest thing to “contact” we have had but the government cover-up, has blinded us to any truth of the event. Almost anything can be explained away by an adverse argument and the government was effective in blocking any truth that may have been associated with this “event”.

In conclusion the answer to the question posed by this category is “yes, anything is possible”. It seems more beneficial, however, to expand our awareness rather than our scientific knowhow to be able to perceive these creatures especially the one a majority is convinced exists: Heaven, the spiritual realm where God lives. The bible says: In Him are all the treasures of heaven and earth. I suspect that thinking outside the human box of limitation would or could transcend our limitations of sight and open us to other entire world(s) and dimensions of which we cannot even imagine.