Is their any Proof that Aliens Exist

The existence of aliens is something that has fascinated people for many years, and has yet to be proved either to be true or false. Thousands of people will attest that they have seen UFOs in the sky at night, or that they have been abducted, although there is never any proof beyond their own claims in most cases. However in the strictest sense of the word, that being any life form not native to earth, the existence of aliens is much more likely.

Aliens as most people think of them, as either grey or green aliens with big eyes and slim builds, almost certainly do not exist. All the reported abductions and sightings of these aliens are completely without proof. Also given the rate at which these supposed sightings and encounters are reported, surely there would be some kind of proof if any of them were actually true.

One of the main causes of supposed abductions and alien encounters is thought to be sleep paralysis. This is a common condition where someone sleeping wakes up, except that their body remains paralyzed, as if they were still asleep. The sufferer then often experiences terrifying hallucinations, such as seeing ghosts, demons or aliens. It is through this disorder that the scientific community believes that people think that they are being abducted by aliens, although of course they really aren’t.

Similarly many people might make up stories about encounters with aliens for attention, or from mistakenly seeing something else. It is thought that there are many secret military bases across the United States, around which they test top secret new aircraft. People in the surrounding areas seeing these often strangely shaped craft overhead may mistake them for aliens, due to their odd movements, speed and shapes. Also the fact that officially they don’t exist, and aren’t acknowledged by the government or military, often adds credence to the idea that they might be aliens. While detracting from interest in any nearby bases at the same time.

On the few occasions when supposed alien ships are pictured, they are invariably blurry, and lack any kind of detail which can identify them as much more than a silvery smudge. Many of these pictures and home videos are also sent for analysis to the government, which usually exposes them as either fake, or having pictured weather balloons, low flying planes and even helicopters.

It has been suggested by many scientists that there might well be bacterial life on Venus, mars, some of the moons of the gas giant planets as well as planets outside the solar system. However for the most part these are speculative only, as current technology rather limits our investigation of these predictions. There have even been frozen samples found on mars that strongly suggest that bacteria once lived there thousands of years ago, although these claims have been disputed by some members of the scientific community, not to mention many religious groups.

Similarly there are numerous planets in our galaxy that have many similarities to earth, and that seemingly have all the qualities needed to support life. However they are so far beyond our current means of space exploration that it will be many hundreds of years before we can even think about getting close to one. This being the case, the only way that we would be able to see if there is life on these planets is if it was far in advance of our own, and could come to earth and communicate with us.

Other than perhaps finding bacterial life on one of the planets or moons of our own solar system however, there is little chance that there is anything larger in our immediate vicinity. The fact is that even our immediate solar system is for the most part well out of our reach for the time being. So if there is intelligent life out there it is either too far away to reach us, or isn’t interested. Comparatively any aliens which can travel to earth from different star systems is so far in advance of our own society that they might well regard mankind as little more than ants, and don’t deem us worthy of their attention, or communication.