Is it better to Cry when Hurt or Hold Back all Feelings

Situations continually arise in life which cause us significant amounts of pain. We have two distinct choices at these times which will ultimately affect both our emotional and physical well-being. Namely, do we cry, or do we hold back our feelings? Admittedly, there are instances when it may be inappropriate to break down and release all of our feelings in the form of tears. However, the act of crying is an essential and integral part of being human, which only serves to our advantage.

Crying is a release and a relief. It allows us to let go of a degree of the hurt we may experience at times. To be able to cry freely and openly is a gift of sorts to ourselves. The moment we permit our feelings to flow, we release some of the power that they hold over us. Crying is also a way in which to better nurture and care for ourselves and others. The ability to share emotions and feelings with other people helps to form solid and lasting connections. Shared tears force us to be humble and vulnerable in front of others, thereby heightening our growth as emotionally complete and balanced human beings. This, in turn, allows others to feel safe and comfortable enough to cry with us, which benefits them as well. The times in which we find ourselves crying alone are opportunities for us to learn about our tolerance for emotional pain, and how to heal ourselves in healthy ways. Mental stress and strain is released when we cry which, ultimately, can prevent the manifestation of many physical problems.

Holding back our feelings, on the other hand, can cause a host of problems that many of us may not be aware of. This stuffing of emotions prevents us from fully expressing how we feel, which can then result in the inability to truly form a healthy attachment and partnership with another person. Especially in the case of dealing with an individual who may be of the opposite nature, this can prohibit the formation of a sound relationship. Those who consistently hold back their feelings may be seen as insensitive, uncaring, or incapable of honest communication. Further, withholding emotions can result in physical concerns, such as elevated stress levels, which can potentially cause a myriad of health problems.

The capability to unleash our emotions in the form of crying is one of the most unique and wonderful gifts of being human. Crying comes easily to some people, yet with more difficulty for others. Nevertheless, it is clearly an act that can be of great benefit to all. Far from being a sign of weakness or fragility, it is instead an indication of a strong and healthy human being.