Cry when Hurt or Hold Back all Feelings

Cry. Show your feelings, show that you are indeed human. Show that you have emotions too, and that things hurt you, just as they do to everyone else. Some people think that crying indicates weakness; if anything, the exact opposite is true. If you just let it all out, all your fear, your anger, your frustration, and just cry about it, don’t you think you would feel better? Crying isn’t a sign of weakness, oh no; it shows that you are strong enough to let the world know just how you feel.

Because when you cry, you show a different side of yourself. The confidence is gone; no longer are you trying to impress anyone. The mask of indifference is finally torn away, and you are shown to be just as vulnerable as everyone else. And in that moment, when you finally release your emotions, people realize who you really are. You aren’t untouchable; you do care what certain people say, despite how much you tried to hide it before. You’re just as much a person as anyone else, and when you cry, it finally gets through to people.

Hiding your emotions entirely is a foolhardy thing to do. If you hold back your feelings when you are hurt, what will change? If you don’t let anyone know you’ve been hurt, how can anything change for the better? What crying accomplishes, the opening of people’s eyes? That never happens. So instead, people continue on, doing things that hurt you, without knowing the anguish you’re going through. Because really, if you don’t show your feelings, you must not have them, right?

You aren’t stronger if you hold your feelings at bay. Never confronting anyone, never proving that things get to you, that people get to you, that’s weakness. If you don’t cry, or at least find some way to get people to understand what you’re going through, all those emotions get bottled up inside of you. Then one day, it’ll happen. One thing will finally push you over the edge; something will slip past your iron-clad control, and cause you to break down.

You don’t want to hide your feelings, or pretend they don’t exist. People will treat you like you don’t really have them, and then one day, it’ll just get to be too much. Everything will come back; everything you’ve been trying to avoid thinking about. All those small, seemingly insignificant comments, those small, hurtful acts; they all get dredged up again. So please, cry. If you don’t, one day you’ll explode from everything you’ve been holding in, and it won’t be pretty.