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Most humans only use 10 percent of their brain. First off, what do we mean by ten percent? Do we mean that only ten percent of our brain tissue is ever active, most definitely not. It has been proven that we use all our faculties at some point or another and at any given point in time there is more than ten percent active at once. No, that term is a misnomer. It should instead be described as- most humans use only ten percent of there intellectual potential-, because that is the area of the real lacking and this can be seen quite evidently in the case study of geniuses.

Normal people have an established and widely accepted limit to the extent of their intellectual abilities. I.Q test are often used to measure these abilities and everyday presentation of our capabilities demonstrates that this limit is plausible.

Routine and special brain test and scans of all individuals, extraordinary and common place alike, also reveal that we all have the same brain anatomy and no genetic evaluations have discovered any abnormalities in favor of increased intelligence in rare individuals. That being said it appears that all our brains’ are built alike and none, by chance, possess more power than another, which means those who are capable of uncannily thorough, rapid, or revolutionary thought are not taking advantage of new, unique facilities in the brain that are available to them only. Instead they are taking advantage of areas and methods of thought that we already have but don’t use.

I don’t know who is the man or woman who first expressed this idea; that we are falling short of our potential, but imagine if the average I.Q of 100 for normal people was, at its most accurate representation, synonymous to the ten percent that we are perceived to use.

A person with an I.Q of 200 is seen as insanely intelligent. Consider for a moment what we would be capable of at our full potential if those 200 I.Q people are only using 20 percent. Now that’s not to say it’s true but its an interesting thought. What is true however, is that we are not performing at a hundred percent. The question should now be why; what is inhibiting us?

It can’t only be how we use our brains as we grow because, prodigies are born that way. They use there abilities before they are aware of doing so. If child prodigies are smart enough to teach and direct average adults in there respective fields of expertise then the current expectations and resources for a child from birth a restrictions rather than guidelines.

The problem and question is not whether we are performing at full capacity-because we aren’t- but rather why are we? I intend to find out and unlock my potential.