Do Humans use only 10 Percent of their Brain – Yes

Our brains are complex anomalies. The question ” should we use use more of our brain power”? , would undoubtedly be yes. It’s difficult to say what percentage exactly we as humans use.  As human beings are the only species living on this planet able to recognize self awareness, ego and objectivity. Our perception of brain power should not be limited to just 10%. In evolutionary terms the potential for full use remains open for further progress in this complexity. As we adapt to live in different environments our brains will therefore adapt to these conditions. Is one brain the same as another remains to be unanswered, certain areas of the brain are larger in some individuals. Investigative studies have shown that Einstein had a larger brain that normal people, so then is the genius contained in bigger brains measured by weight and mass. If so then as individuals we must exercise the brain more often, like any muscle would increase with exercise. I believe we will develop telepathy in the not too distance future, the ability to communicate in thoughts alone, maybe we are already in ways like this, who knows. The capacity for some to recite complicated number sequences like Pi to ten thousand decimals is remarkable, but no less remarkable than we all share this ability albeit untapped and untrained. Some brains with oxygen starved births have amazing abilities like that of rain man, more commonly referred to savants.

This is were some parts of the brain develop where in other areas they do not , like simple tasks become difficult and visa verse. Some have photographic memories, some are musically gifted, so I do believe more research into brain stimulation with oxygen might shed some light on this delicate subject. Most People don’t even use their brains and freedom of thoughts are suppressed with mind numbing video games and of course the greatest hypnotist of them all television. Most people are the thoughts of other people, some believe they are unique because they have certificates like the scarecrow in the wizard of oz who thought he had no brain, you know the story. From small seeds do great oaks grow, some of the greatest brains have been deemed the crazy like Tesla, he up-turned the pebble on electrical power and sacrificed a lot more ideas, stolen by the wealthy elite. One day a child will be born who will change the world in ways we cannot imagine now with the power of his mind. We think for the brain. so feed yours daily with new thoughts and not the thoughts of others, beware of jealous folk who will be unable to grasp new thinking and new ideas. Happy with the flicker rate upon which their eyes look to for entertainment  in the box in the corner of the living rooms. Exercise your brain to be more than 10%.

The gray matter full of neurons and masons like mini bonsai trees growing and connecting fueling networks, pathways inside all our brains are patterns in nature, recollection dreams and rekindling memories from smell alone. These are stepping stone of brain evolution and use of it. All electrical self sustaining constantly rearranging entanglement of organic chaos calmed by Mozart’s genius, meditate more on the solace and harmony in nature. We too are a part of it. Dream and see the beauty of a summer’s day, be good to everyone but mostly be good to yourself. This will improve not only your brains percentage, it will improve you are as person, a human, who exist in the mind or what ever created life.