Do we use only Ten Percent of our Brains or much much more – Yes

It’s very true that humans use a small percentage of their brain, and the ten percent figure has been used for a number of years. There is a motherlode of untapped potential in the human brain, and who knows what could be accomplished if all of a person’s brainpower were harnessed? The brain is a mysterious entity, and scientists are still discovering what mysteries the brain holds. A good example of this are the savants that are able to do amazing things that normal, average humans can only dream about.

Why is it that some savants can do mathematical equations faster than the fastest computer? This is one area that scientists are exploring, and what’s interesting is that many of these savants can’t do common things such as button their shirt buttons, or even tie their shoes! There are other savants that can hear a song once, and then play it on the piano exactly, note for note! Not only can they accomplish that feat, but they can also play that same song in many different musical formats, such as the blues, jazz, rock, funk and classical. It takes an awful lot of “something” to be able to do that, and the weird thing is that our brains hold the keys to many of these amazing things!

The above example is why scientists are learning about our brains, and how much more power they hold. If we used all of our brain power, then there would be no such thing as evolution, would there? Is it really logical to say that we’re just as smart as our caveman days? There is much, much more to our minds than we give ourselves credit for.

How many times have we had an epiphany? That is to say, how many times when we are trying to accomplish some task, sometimes it just hits us over the head as to how to do it easier? Personally, I think that in our brains when we have that epiphany, or that thought on how to do things better, an electrical connection is made in our brains, or a new route is discovered that taps into the power that our brains hold to unravel mysteries. This is the power that we all hold in our minds, and it’s up to us to learn how to use it!

They say that only about thirty percent of all communication is retained by us. That is, everything that we see, hear, taste, touch and smell is not being fully utilized. Imagine being able to grasp more of what this world and our surroundings are all about? We could conquer the disease such as cancer in a heartbeat! We would be able to design a faster method to travel to the planets, and even the stars! How fantastic would that be? Our brains would be fifty times as fast, if not faster, than the world’s fastest supercomputers,and we’d still have more power to harness if we could utilize more of our brains!

No, as a rule we don’t use more than ten percent of our brains, but we’re learning how to…….