The old cliché, “When it rains, it pours,” can become truly evident in some parts of North America, particularly for marine coasts.  Although there are a number of days with dry weather for the marine West Coast, the reason it seems to rain a lot there is because of the mild ocean breezes that blow east across the Pacific Ocean.  Parts along the Gulf of Mexico experience big rains year-round as well.

What are some of the rainiest cities in North America?  Surprisingly, it is not Seattle or Vancouver.  The following cities stand as being among the wettest places in North America:

♦ Hilo, Hawaii

You may think of Hawaii as a paradise with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.  It’s true that the Aloha State is a popular getaway for travelers seeking for blue skies and mild temperatures.  For Hawaii’s Big Island, it’s where rain showers falls seemingly forever.  Hilo is one of the rainiest cities in North America, and what’s more interesting is that Hawaii is home to the rainiest place in the world: Mount Waialeale with an whopping 460 inches (11,684 millimeters).  Hilo typically has an annual 126 inches of rain (3,200 millimeters), and that’s because it’s on the windward side of the island.  So much tropical moisture feeds the city, but it dries out quickly as it moves over Mauna Kea.   

♦ Astoria, Oregon

Astoria is located in the northwestern part of Oregon, which isn’t very far from the Pacific Ocean.  Here, the normal annual rainfall consists of about 67 inches (1,702 millimeters).  The rainy season can last from fall through spring.  There’s plenty of cloudiness in the area as well, and summer would be the best season for more sunshine. 

♦ Mobile, Alabama

Mobile is actually near the Gulf of Mexico in southern Alabama.  Thunderstorms pop up during the muggy summers there, and they can move quite slowly at times.  And as these sluggish storms moves, they dump heavy rainfall in a short period.  Since Mobile is on the cost of the Gulf, tropical storms and hurricanes have brought a lot of rainfall for the city, which also contributes to the normal rainfall of 66 inches (1,676 millimeters) per year. 

Many residents who reside in these cities may not complain about the consistent wet pattern.  Still, it’s a good idea to keep rain gear in your home, car, and office at the same time.