Integration of Extraterrestrials in Society

Once again the A.D.D. in me yells out! Well, as well as you can yell writing!
But, my point is that it seems to me, that we (humans) would need the integrating and not the Aliens. For if they are here, they are already integrated and if we aren’t aware of it, it’s us that needs to become knowledgeable right?

I am sure that there is SOMETHING you have seen or heard that you can not explain,
so how big a leap is it to say, “well that was a ghost or spirit”? Or if you are like me, a so called scientific explanation of how the computer you are typing on is atoms moving continuously,well, can you hear the theme from X-Files?, or is that just me, here?

Do you who are 30 and above remember the basic element charts in high school?
How can there be 40 plus MORE elements today than 30 years ago?! Also, when scientists talk of civilizations and the possibility of where they would be on evolutionary and technological scale, it is generally agreed that the next level to us, not even the “HARVARD” guy’s (and gals, I hope”), would be in the area of a 1 civilization, which in English is about a million years ahead of us.

Ergo, from where we are today, give us a million more years and we would be where they are now? That is like pre-school to a PhD. level apart, or lets face it, nothing in common.
I remember the quote but not the author, who said “The greatest indicator of Intelligent life that I’ve seen, is the fact that they have made no effort to contact us”. I think Arthur C. Clark said that but the point is a good one.

Can you imagine, a million years ahead? They must look at us and how we still have Wars for political/economic reasons, how our sick must die if they don’t have this thing called money? Who wants a neighbor, ven way down the “light year” block from you who says hello, what sort of energy do you use? You know that person you think is casing your house while speaking of Black Holes, Radiation Storms, and how expensive Rocket fuel is getting these days!

No my friends, while I have it on good authority, they are here, they won’t let us see them until they think we can handle it. If you think of the LEAPS we’ve made
in technology, we are about one hundred years ahead of where we should be had we arrived at these inventions in our own time. So we have received several “gifts”
already. Even the manner in which we fumble with things like Stealth, Super Computers, the G-Nome, nanobot technology, it is obvious by the mistakes made that we came upon these things after the fact.

So, be patient, hope the “Leaders” don’t blow us up in the meantime and I for one have been saving a bottle of Baby Duck, for the day. I do hope they have mouths, don’t you?