Integration of Extraterrestrials in Society

Integration of aliens into our society? Pshaww! They wouldn’t hear of it, because that would spoil everything for them.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have visited a good number of popular tourist attractions. When I go to these places I usually end up watching the people who frequent such areas as much as I do the attractions which bring them there. In doing so I have come to the conclusion that the aliens (stay with me on this one, I’ll tie it all together down below), while somewhat different then we are, still have a lot in common with us. For example:

Our rules for wilderness backpacking and camping dictate: Leave no trace. Go into the areas you are interested in, enjoy the experience and then depart, leaving no evidence of your visit to spoil it for those who will come later.

As far as aliens are concerned, the earth is an intriguing wilderness area, ideal for vacation purposes. They visit us, admire our flora and fauna, chuckle at our quaint little ways and philosophies, take a few pictures, make a few recordings for the folks back home, and leave.

It is quite probable that, as vacation spots go, the earth is quite popular. I would also take the liberty to assume that not everyone who wishes to visit and walk among us can do so, because that would cause their numbers to swell to noticeable levels and their anonymity would then be lost. Such a revelation would be followed by catastrophic societal changes among humans which would then render our world much less attractive to any extraterrestrial seeking a quality wilderness experience.

I visited Yellowstone Park last summer and as usual, spent as much time watching the “People” as I did the mud-pots. I couldn’t help but notice a number of groups of “Oriental” tourists who were strolling about happily chatting with each other and taking pictures of EVERYTHING. In watching these folks a little bit closer I saw that there were indeed discernible differences between them. But I still had no way of determining if they were Japanese, Chinese, Korean or perhaps even Vietnamese.

Then it struck me: What if the Japanese tourists thought the other group was Korean and the Korean group thought the other group of orientals was Chinese and the Chinese thought the other group were Vietnamese and they were all wrong?

There are several stories floating around which describe some aliens as having distinct oriental features. I have decided that this just might be true. If you take a step or two back and look at the big picture, it all fits!

Occasional sightings of UFO’s are merely accidental and unintended glimpses of tourists arriving and departing. The fact that we kind of know a little bit about them is also the accidental and unavoidable result of their continual close proximity to us and among us.

They don’t come in peace, but rather to watch and enjoy.

So, the neat time you’re out and about and happen to see a group of happily chatting “Oriental” tourists, give them an extra look or two, and see what YOU think!