Integration of Extraterrestrials in Society

I am always baffled as to how I can go about introducing the topic of ‘Extra terrestrials’ to different audiences. After years of personal research, experiences, and interactions with or related to a group of beings I call ‘Star People’, I stand firmly in the conviction that extra terrestrial beings ARE indeed visiting our planet today, and have been interacting with Earth for millions of years.

Now, I know that this sounds a little bit crazy if you are not used to the idea. You might be one to look to the media for the majority of your information about the state of the world. If you do, then of course, it would be a little bit strange to believe that people from other planets are visiting this one. However, I would like to inform you that as strange as it sounds, it is completely true!

In order to really absorb this information, think about Planet Earth from a grander perspective. What do we, the human race, truly know about the cosmos? Stop being a human, for a moment, and pretend that you are a star instead. You are a star, a million miles wide, and you are watching one human watching you in their telescope. Being a star, you can see so much more than a telescope can ever hope to see. In fact, you can see 9847 scientists all looking through their telescopes at the exact same time! You can actually see all of the human activity on the far side of the Earth, all at once.

As a star, you can see that each individual human has their own unique perspective on what is happening around them. You can see a mother who is always worried about the safety of her kids and so she always chooses to notice unsafe potentials in the world around her. There is a beautiful garden full of lush vegetables, willow trees and wildflowers, but the mother notices the knife in the middle of the field.

But remember, you are a star, and you know that you have another few billion years left of shining to do, so you feel at peace as you notice all of these diverse things that are happening with the people on the Earth. You see something very exciting happening! People of more advanced civilizations from other planets are moving their spaceships very close to Earth! Some of these spaceships are even entering the Earth atmosphere!
As a star, this excites you very much because you can watch many different peoples, not just the peoples of Earth, and you love to see when completely different civilizations encounter each other and learn from each other. It is a very beautiful in your zillions of star-struck, starry eyes.

You notice that many of the people on planet Earth do not like the idea that people from other planets are visiting planet Earth. Humans think that the only other people out there are HUMANS, when in truth there are so many different kinds of people one can meet. There is this thing called The Media which a lot of humans talk about. You can see millions and millions of humans tuning into this thing called Television to gain ‘tele-vision’ into what is happening in other places on their Earth. But as a star, it is very obvious to you that the images shown regularly on this television thing are actually RARELY seen on the Earth. So many more beautiful things are actually happening on the Earth that most people don’t know or talk about. And one of these things is that there are people meeting people from other planets and much learning, celebration and communication happens in these inter-galactic exchanges.

Now, stop being a star, and be a human again. You can feel that shift of perspective, can’t you? If you try to ponder the thought of extra-terrestrials visiting the Earth, you might think of completely different things. You might think of being regarded as ‘weird’ for believing in UFO’s. You might think of those hoaxed Roswell pictures. You might think of Martians with giant brains running around with laser guns and blasting the guts out of every living thing that they see. It might be a lot harder for you to imagine that truly, in YOUR REALITY, there are people from the stars coming to visit.

But let me tell you again, the version of reality on this ‘television’ thing is only one version, and we can choose to believe in what is ‘acceptable’ to believe in, or we can try to expand our perspective and even see things from 7 different perspectives at once (like a star can do!).

If it is interesting to you that people from other planets might be visiting us (and that as our older space brothers and sisters, these people have many experiences to share with us which we can learn and grow from), I highly recommend that you begin to do your own research about what is happening on Earth today (and as a star you can see that MUCH is happening). The implications of an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth are tremendous and very inspiring to me, and I can only imagine the impact that these people can have on our world if we begin to accept them on a global scale.