If and why we Fear Death

My fear of death stemmed from the unknown. Was there really a Heaven and Hell?  Would death be painful? I knew,  I would miss my family, perchance my fear was that they may not miss me and they would carry on as though I was never even here. Wait, a moment. I loved them and that’s what I wanted them to do, right?  

When I was a small child, I had been given the explanation on the beginning and ending of life from a Christian point of view.  The Christian belief or perspective is the end of life as we know it is actually the beginning of an eternal life. This perspective has taken away the fear of death for me. I don’t want to die, but I’m no longer afraid of its finiteness.

I have had two incidents where I was fearful I might die. A terrible car accident over twenty five years ago, brought my fear of death to the forefront of my thoughts. Sure, I had always wondered about death as a small child. My inquisitions were not morbid, just trying to discern what death was. My mother appeared to be in a peaceful slumber, as I gazed down at her, resting in a coffin. I reached out to touch her face and my hand was pulled away by my Auntie, who consoled me as we left the view of the coffin.

My mother did not look as though she were in any type of pain or discomfort.  She looked beautiful and her expression was quite content. Viewing her in that manner assuaged any fear, in me that death was painful. The most recent incident was only seven years ago. I witnessed a peaceful transition. The very last words spoken from my grandmother’s mouth, before she rested her head back on the pillow, closed her eyes and went to glory was, “You don’t need to come back up here tomorrow.”  I still wonder if she knew, or was that a mere coincidence  before she passed away.  Once again, it gave me peace that she was so peaceful and not fighting . After all, I had told her I would be OK and she could get some rest, any kind of rest she needed. I kissed her forehead, backed away from the bed, not wanting to turn my back. She must have sensed my hesitation to leave, when she raised her head slightly from the pillow and said to me, “You don’t need to come back up here tomorrow.”

The movies and television always seem to dramatize death and make it appear as though it is a gut wrenching,agonizing end to life. This is not always the case. Many people have this false impression buried in their psyche. Release that negative imagery and instead look upon it as a peaceful transition. There is no denying the pain of loosing a loved one is painful to the degree of unbearable. Rest assured and have blessed assurance, the Lord will grant your loved one and you a peaceful transition when the time comes.