Hypnotism and Meditation

There are so many people who try to colour hypnosis and meditation with the hues of esoteric art. Unless they can make it one of Life’s Great Mysteries, then no-one will believe in it. Further, the more arcane and complex they colour the picture, the more people are likely to flock to their teachings.

In truth, the reverse happens. One person will look at it and call it a load of drivel. Another will be frightened by all the mumbo-jumbo, and only a small percentage will fall into this world of false mysticism.

Nothing’s complicated and nothing’s forced. The first point to understand is that we’re hypnotized a lot more than we realize.

Have you ever been immersed in a really good book? I know I have. I love reading espionage mysteries, and you come to the point where the double agent has to make a decision. His own country, or does he side with his paymasters?

What will he do? Especially since there’s a shadowy figure in a trench coat following him along the rain-slick streets of Berlin! You could drop a bomb next to me and I’d be oblivious to it.

Or you’re driving along the Interstate, your mind deep in a calculation or a problem, and you miss your turn. Both of us have been hypnotized; me in my book, you missing your turn. Our minds have been so preoccupied by the single subject of our concentration, that we’ve lost all track of what’s happening around us, or where we are.

Now. Let’s take this a step further. What do you want? What would you like to do? Lose weight? Improve your self confidence? Make more money? The most vital preparation you must make is to find somewhere quiet where you know you won’t be disturbed for 30 to 60 minutes. Like everything else, this takes practice.

Please don’t think that one session’s going to make 25lbs. fall off you like magic, or that you’ll go into work tomorrow as the go-to, take-charge man you know you should be. It’ll happen, really it will. But give it time.

All right, so you’ve found somewhere you can go where you won’t be disturbed. Sit, don’t lie down in case you drop off, in a nice, comfy chair, hands on knees. Don’t cross your legs. It may make you uncomfortable later on.

Concentrate on your breathing. Breath normally. Don’t take deep breaths. Simply be aware of your breathing. You’ll find there are four points. You inhale, stop momentarily, before sliding down the other side in an exhale. Stop, turn around and climb the hill again in an inhale. Be aware of all this. Then gently let your eyes close.

Other thoughts will assail your mind. Let them. They’ll drop away as you begin to think about shedding that weight, or becoming more assertive. Even the first time, you’ll find it a most pleasant sensation, but as you practice it more and more, you’ll find yourself homing in more quickly and precisely on your goal.

Your eyes will open when they’re ready, and when they do, the session’s over.

Meditation, on the other hand, may be accomplished in any number of ways, but the reason for it is totally different from hypnotism. You meditate to clear your mind completely, to bring yourself to a place of peace. where nothing can harm you, worry you, upset you. This may be beside a beautiful river, the sea shore, a meadow, anywhere you feel a sense of joy.

I personally effect this by concentrating on a particular object. I concentrate on this object, never taking my eyes from it. With practice, to paraphrase the Bible, you’ll find a peace beyond understanding. Again, make sure you’re somewhere quiet where you definitely won’t be disturbed and over time, you’ll find yourself a different person.