Methods for Releasing Tension

We can experience tension for a variety of reasons. It may be that we have tension as a result of frustration or anger. Or it could be that tension is caused by a build up of intense emotion or the opposite, a lack of stimulation leading to great boredom.

Whatever the cause of tension it is liable to be felt physically and mentally simultaneously. Therefore to ease tension we need to release it both of these ways. The following is a guide to achieving this showing different ways to reach your goal.

1. Physical exercise in the form of jogging in attractive natural surroundings can instantly start to help us let go of pent up anxiety. Any excess adrenalin which the tension has caused can be released as we breathe in fresh air while we run and take in the scenery.

2. Another way to relieve tension, but this time without leaving the house or office is to concentrate on holding the tension before letting it go. This can be done simply by making a fist, holding it in its shape tightly for about ten seconds and then completely letting it go by releasing the fist shape.

This can be repeated in other areas of tension in the body such as the face. By screwing up your face, holding and then releasing you will begin to feel the tension that was being physically held start to subside.

3. This can be followed by deep breathing, as opposed to shallow breathing. Deep breathing takes place in the stomach area, whereas shallow breathing takes place up in the chest area. You can check that you are breathing deeply by placing your hand flat on your stomach. If you are breathing as you should be your hand will rise and fall with each breath.

Concentrate on your breathing and make it slow but continuous. It may help you to close your eyes so that you can shut out any visual distractions. It can also be useful to take the phone off the hook so that you will not be disturbed.

4. A fun way to release tension is to do as many teenagers do. Put on some loud music and mentally throw yourself into the emotion. As the song, or music, lets its energy rip it can help yours to be relieved also.

5. An old favorite way to release tension is a bubble bath, or one with aromatherapy in it. If you are using oils then either Geranium or lavender can work wonders.

While you are in the bath massage your feet and then your hands. These are areas of our bodies which we often neglect which benefit from the stimulation.

6. Alternatively, you could head to a beauty spa for a massage or ask your nearest and dearest for a massage with fragrant oil.

Make sure that your massage takes place in a warm room and that you have a robe to pop on straight afterward to let the heat created continue to seep into your muscles.

7. Finally, humor can be a great reliever of tension. It helps to release anxiety and stimulates good chemicals that in-turn help us to feel good as a result.

Watch a funny movie or read a humorous book and let your tension be laughed away.