How Weather Affects our Moods least Expected

Mother Nature taught me when it comes to the weather, she too has has her moods, just as we do.

Being a real salt-water and sunshine child from the South Pacific Islands, it has never left my bones. When healing is found in just the right amount of sun – not abuse – it brought about the expression that, ‘we feel it in our bones.’ Cats, and dogs, love their time in it, and like a hen, seem to sometimes go into a form of catatonic space of their own. Today, many folk are having to supplement Vitamin D due to being indoors too much!

To feel the warm tropical rains and relish in their waters, drenches my soul with joy while walking where the pouring water swamps knee deep. Or standing in the beauty of the waterfall showers running through crevices of the trees is a happy mood. No worries of how soaked one’s clothes get; they dry off again, and keep us cool when wet.

Our weather is ruled by forces which mostly are made up of water and air combinations, and we humans, being like the oceans of the earth, are also made up of 70% H2O. Living in the atmospherics in which weather congregates, we can become finely tuned. Like when rain is in the air, even if no clouds have formed, smells like water on a thirsty garden, after a long dry day. Refreshing feelings equal to when new cut grass wafts through a fine day.

Or if a storm is brewing, intuitive feelings arouse a heaviness in the air, with preparedness when preparations begin. Candles brought to the ready, plus a thermos of boiled water, encase required. Not growing up with electricity, it is a moody act born out of terrible tropical electric storms, with all senses on alert.

When they coincide with a heavy-enough earth quakes, it may mean going outside into the storm. Where lighting sizzles on the stones nearby, and even a cement water tank bursting in the tremors, gushing its content with unexpected force. One must be preconditioned, rather than let emotions set in. Fear is a mood which can change to panic, in which control – a positive mood – is lost.

It’s a feeling called braced, living through hurricanes; seeing the earth crack in a quake, plus volcanoes erupt. A mode which could swing like a pendulum as quickly as things changed. Yet those same electrically charged skies, could amaze the heart with awe, being our equatorial night’s only entertainment. Nature can be very exciting; exhilarating, and terrifying when least expected with her weather.

The ants, birds, animals, and all creatures know it, prepare for it, move out or into it, and use it, so it seems automatic we must feel something in the air too. More often than not, it seems to be where we are born, which plays a big roll in how weather affects our moods. We are all linked to it, just as much as the atmospheric phenomenons are to the earth.

Their patterns which affect my hypersensitivity, and consume their biggest toll on my moods are for those heart rendering tragic ones. An ache accompanies the huge quakes, or tsunamis which follow the loss of lives. Cyclonic conditions which devastate just as tornadoes do. Or any desolation of floods, land-slides, or violent volcanic eruptions; all because of me having arrived on this earth on the ‘ring of fire’.

Cold involves my shoulder blades once it gets in under them, making me so miserable. They suffer incessantly, and any pain affects anyone’s mood. It causes extreme discomfort; and with the weight of additional warmer clothing, creates a feeling of claustrophobia; not being accustomed to arctic conditions.

Only having seen snow once, for all it’s awesome mixed feelings of beauty, it would kill me to live in such glacial places, even though that admiration sees others on the TV, equally at home in it. My mode is to wish I could be like the animals who go into hibernation!  If shivering is the body’s mechanism to warm our physical structure, that’s a good thing; but in overdrive?

Any who love the wind in their hair, might suffer responses when two opposing conditions have to come to a single decision. Forgoing any enjoyment which feels great, for the uncomfortable mood of susceptible sore and watery eyes. Like Springtime, should be a time of rejoicing to see the newness of life in Mother Nature’s splendor, instead of tears to reactions to pollens, and other allergies. Conflicting feelings can clash in disappointment. Spring might be everywhere, but not in the head of those sneezes, combined with washy, burning, itching, salty teardrops.

Yet the most intriguing feeling of all is when some nights I literally ‘bump into the air’ when it is so dense within its atmospherics!  A magic moment, which looks like a concentrated fog of moving threads,which illustrate what spacial arrangement really is. Seeing it and feeling it is awe-inspiring. What physics can create an impressive mood of such visibility?

Though a distinctive atmosphere is something we experience in different weather, it’s reaction, sometimes becomes a battle of mind over matter, for each of us has our favorites. Through all changing weather patterns, we can be opposites to one another in our moods.

One will be suffering, the other can be happy. And our moods all tell our own stories of how weather affects us.