Color Psychology

Color can elevate our moods or it can lower them. Color is all around us and we react to it emotionally whether we know it or not. Some colors such as blue relax us, some such as red, stimulate us and almost force a response to its being in our presence. As an example, you come in wearing a bright new red coat on a cold, dreary day in January, and immediately we perk up and our mood changes.

Black is an absence of color but our reactions to it are varied and different. In the United States black is elegant and sleek and daring. It says about us we like being seen as business like people and are timely and stylish.

Red is warm and intense and is emotionally arousing. When you are angry you see red and when you want to fade into the crowd and do not want to be recognized, you do not wear read. To wear this color bravely and brazenly, you have to be of a certain determination. You must want to be seen, to be heard, and to make waves. In other words red is noticeable. It is to be worn carefully.

In decorating red should be used minimally and only for focal points, unless of course your room is so big and so dull and in need of some life, you decide then only thing that can bring into such a room is to paint it read. Red can be bold, it can say you are a show off and it can be exciting and fun.

White tames red. Mix red and white half and half and you have a pretty pink. Mix it white and red and you have a dainty little baby girl image in your mind’s eye. It will cause you to remember back when your children were small and dainty and pink.

Blue is cold and brutal and without any of the warmth you had when red was the order of the day. Blue is out to keep you out of mischief and keep you at your job working. Blue is a no nonsense way of looking at life. Blue is the color of the sky, and is so because it so far away and so unreachable it looks blue. Blue has another side though and it is sturdy and healthy and there for you when you want to calm down and get a good night’s sleep. It is no nonsense. You Don’t see blue parading down the street getting into trouble. It is the shirt of the law-enforcer and the office worker and the world of business.

Green is cool but comforting. And it can be deceitful, promising more than it can deliver. Green needs nurturing. Green is easy on the eyes and is the color of life. When you wear green you are resourceful and well dressed but intend no big ripples. You like to blend in with the surrounding landscape and be part of it.

You feel secure and warm and protected when being cared for in a green room. At first, but when recovery has taken over, green can turn on you and leave without a backward look. So, it safe to say there is a bit of treachery in its nature. It is not permanent.

Yellow is sunny and a bright smile on a friend’s face. It blinds the eyes and creates illusions and makes promises it cannot keep. It is easy to see and the yellow pads that executives take notes on are yellow. This give those with pencils and words to write a touch of sophistication.

Purple is royal, but is not very pretty. It looks deceptive and sometimes is. And it looks old and sometimes is. Not very many people wear purple but it is sometimes charming on gray haired old ladies. Somehow the snow white hair tames it a bit and brings part of its mystery down to the level of common sense.

Brown is brown. It is solid and it reminds one of the dark earth sleeping peacefully during a cold winter when the blanket snow has been pulled away. Brown is stable and constant and healthy. More men prefer brown than women. Women by far prefer black when it comes to accessories.

Color wise, the above makes little sense, but let me abolish their rules and my life would be far less sedate and comforting. And yes, truthfully, most of live is lived between the stark reality of black and the white promise of hope. But for comfort green comes creeping in, and when we are cold, red comes to our rescue. To calm the storms there’s blue and when we’ve lost all hope, or seems to have, a yellow sunshine bursts forth on a cold February day and smiles at us an makes us glad to be where we are, who we are, and doing what we are doing.

Talking about areas of concern that we know little about and that concerns us but little, can be likened to the color red. It allows for daring deeds and downright lies. I read some research on color but kind of took off on my own. I somehow believed no one would mind if I would just follow where my rainbow led. I have been writing and trying to absorb psychological jargon for the past week and my mind is fighting back. It advises, go ahead, be nonsensical, see who cares.