How to Wow Science Festival Judges when you know your Experiment is Weak

There is pretty much one way and one way only to wow judges with a weak experiment at a science fair. No, don’t go bribing the judges. Bribery will get you nowhere and it’s going to make you look bad not to mention barring you from ever entering any other science fair competition in the near and far future. If the other projects suck, the playing field is pretty much leveled out. But winning if the other projects are weak are almost slim to none.

A project is something you should put your heart and soul into it. If you like what you’re doing, be proud of it. If you’re not, don’t enter the project at the science fair at the first place. But if you enter a weak project into the science fair anyway, there is one way to wow the judges.

This is something I learned from watching an episode of The Apprentice’s fourth season. Two teams had to make a display for Best Buy promoting Star Wars Episode III which was coming out to DVD and videogame format. One team made a very “mediocre” display. They loss. However, Carolyn Keptcher one of Trump’s advisors said in a commentary that the mediocre display could’ve one. It would revolve around how you would present yourself.

When applying that to a science fair project, you’re going to have to have good talking skills. If your display sucks, start talking. You’re going to have to use words to wow the judges. But you’re going to have a really hard time with that. If you can manage to wow them with the presentation part, then good for you. However, that will only take you so far.

That’s the one way I know how you could possibly wow judges with a weak project on the slimmest margin. Other than that, take the time and do your research. On that episode of the Apprentice, lack of research hurts. That teaching can be applied in any field. The field of science is by no means an exception.