Physics Science Projects for High School Students

There are many things to consider when thinking of a science project for high school. Some of the major things you need to consider is if the project is interesting. Boring projects do not attract much attention, and you will most likely do better at an interesting project. Another thing to consider is how unique is your project, again the uniqueness of a project will attract more attention, in consequences make your project better. You will also have to make sure you pick a topic that is both complicated and simple. Too much of either complexity or simplicity will result in a lower score, you need to find a good middle ground for this.

How you present you project is one of the most important aspects of any project. Make sure you explain the principles behind your project clearly and logically. Also study some body language, simple gestures can either make or break your project in a heart beat. For example, if you put your hands in your pockets a lot it will seem seem that you do not know what you are talking about. Non-verbal communication has been determined to be 80% of our total commutations, well over words. However, words do make a significant impact, so do not spend all your time focusing on body language.

One thing that falls into everyones favor is they do not have to come up with a new theory to have a good project. You just need to find one that not many people know about, maybe lost science, or intuitive examples that take a lot of science to explain. Find examples that meet these criteria’s require a lot of research, which you will have to do. Research is a big part of any kind of project or paper. I did research for a simple article like this, not as much as you will need to do for your project, but the point remains the same. You need to know what you are talking about.

A few final tips for the students reading this article. Talk directly to the judges and the audience, they look for who you communicate to. The floor does not care about what you are saying, the judges and audience do. Visuals are a big part of any presentation, plan your speech to your visuals and make your visuals to your speech. It is a simple way to simplify the presentation of your project. My last tip, and probably the most important is to act confident and smile. Studies have shown that smiling and acting confident will improve the reactions to your project and in turn raise you overall score. Plan, revise, and plan again your project to make it as perfect as you can, then present your project in a simple and powerful way to ensure its quality.