How to seem Happy at a Party

So it’s the weekend, and you are invited to a friend’s birthday party or your niece’s engagement shindig? But, you are just not feeling up to it. How can you go about putting on your party face?

First of all, you have to make up your mind that you are going to act happy, no matter what. Remember, the focus should not be on your misery or personal problems, but on the social event on hand.

It is particularly inappropriate to show up in a sour mood at an event honoring someone else. You do not want to be the party’s downer!

So, now that you have made a commitment to act happy, it’s time to put on that party face. First of all, if you have circles under your eyes or are really tired, try to nap before the event, especially if it is going to be a late night.

You may want to try placing cucumber slices underneath your eyes to refresh them. It’s also good to use a facial masque or to splash your face with cold water.

Prior to the event, take a hot shower and be sure to take care of personal grooming. If you are a girl, shave your legs. If you are a guy, how about a cleanly-shaven face?

Next, put on an outfit that you feel good wearing. If you want to put on that happy face, then it will be easier to do if you like how you look!

For a female, spend some time putting on makeup. Use some bright lipstick to lift your spirits and showcase your lips. Chanel makes some lovely deep red colors that are just perfect for a night on the town.

Take a bit of time applying your makeup so that you look your best. You again are doing what you can to improve your mood before going to the event.

Once you are ready to go, do you need something to wake you up a bit? How about swinging by a Starbucks on the way to the party? You want to feel energetic and awake at the event.

While driving to the event, listen to some music that puts you in good spirits. In fact, it’s really fun to blast the music a bit. It will get your adrenaline going. Sing along, and you will find that you are actually starting to feel in the mood for a party.

Finally, do not forget to smile! That is the best thing you can do when putting on your party face.

The minute you arrive at the event, remind yourself that you are going to make an effort to have a great time. Introduce yourself to others. Laugh at their jokes. Just listen for a bit, if you need time to warm up in social events.

And, if there is a bar, grab a drink or a glass of wine. Alcohol is, after all, a great social lubricator. Once you start enjoying yourself, you will find it easy to wear your party face. And, those around you will greatly appreciate your smiling face and happy mood. Enjoy!