How often do you Find yourself Happy

I find myself happy most of the time. I am in no way in an ideal situation, as other people would think. I am divorced, recently moved back in with my parents to start over, single father of two boys. But I am extremely happy. Yes, I do have help with my boys, but that’s only because I do not have my own place yet. But, for most people, this would depress them. However, I have realized that life cannot always be full of high times. In our times, it is hard to start over again, especially when kids are involved.

My life consists of watching my boys till 2, when my mother comes home, then I go to work. get home about 11, then go to sleep. I am a lonely 24 year old, with no social life. Yet, I am happy, because I have found that I have everything I have ever wanted in my life. My two boys. While our situation is not the best, things can only get better, and they will. Hopefully soon, for my parents sake!

What people must learn to do, like me, is find something that is great in their life and build on it. If nothing is there, find something that would make your life better and strive for that. And be excited that you’re working to better your life. You ultimately have control over your life and feelings. Yes, sometimes times can be really tough, but you will get through it, happily, if you can keep a positive attitude about the future. Yes, you will feel some depression along the way, but, recognize it, deal with it, get past it, you cannot be happy all the time, it would be too stressful on the body!