How often do you Find yourself truly Happy

The question we have been asked here is HOW OFTEN DO YOU FIND YOURSELF HAPPY? I could ramble on about how we all seek happiness and how difficult it is to be happy but I would probably be telling you nothing new and you may well not really care as you are more concerned about your own happiness. But I can honestly tell you that it is very rare that I am every unhappy or even not content and happy. The reason is probably that I see the glass as being half full rather than half empty, I enjoy the moment, I make the most of each moment but I also do not allow fate to deal with nasty cards if I can pre empt situations and happenings and prevent them from happening.

For example, I know someone who suffers from terrible gout and is in a great deal of pain, total agony, for days when it strikes. He has been repeatedly told not to keep on eating a lot of fat and dairy produce, which is virtually all he ever eats, and to eat fruit and vegetables. He totally ignores all of this and continues with his fat ladden diet and continues to be in agony with gout. I know another person who spends all of their money in casinos, cars and holidays but then complains that they cannot pay their bills and have debt collectors after them. I know another who allowed herself to get pregnant with a man who was not interested in sticking by her, had the baby and now moans to everyone how boring and lonely it is to be stuck at home looking after a baby all day with very little money. I also know a man who kept treating his wife very badly and neglected her and then was devasted when she left him. All of people can do something about the one big problem they have which is making them unhappy.

If we all took responsibility for our own happiness by making sure that we do not end up with big problems that prevent us from being happy. Debts is a prime example. And we saw the good in what is going on in our lives right now, we would all be far happier. Instead of pining after money we will never have think of how lovely it is to sit and watch the sun rise or listen to a babbling stream. Maybe you would be happier if you had your home decorated in happier colours but if you are continually looking for more and more instead of being able to be happy with who you are, what you have achieved and what you already have you will never be happy.

I never worry about things that I cannot do anything about but I always pre empt the other things, it is far better to prevent something nasty from happening than to cry about it and try to do something about it after it has occurred.