How often do you Find yourself Happy

Most of the time stress seems to get in the way of our pursuit of happiness. So each day we must not be quick to react to stressful situations because if the stress takes away from your pursuit of happiness, then why let it bother you?

There’s no question that this world can get very stressful from day to day. You’ll get emotional on the smallest things, non-sense. What is it going to do for you…really?

We all have a spirit inside of us…an energy force that should be nourished from day to day. The stressful situation/person/thing cannot touch your spirit, your joy, your happiness, your bliss, you. So no matter what the situation, you cannot be touched by it because in the end, you will still have you, your spirit, your energy. It can never be destroyed.

You have nothing to fear. Life is so short to fear anything. We should be spending every moment of our lives laughing, smiling, hugging our loved ones, loving etc,.

It’s sounds cliche but when you really come down to it, if given a choice for which to choose between laughing and crying, everyone will choose laughing.

So laughing must be right. If laughter is right when compared to the alternative, then why even let the stressful situation/person/thing inside.

Don’t sweat it. No matter what it is, it cannot harm your inner self. If you know your inner self cannot be destroyed, then how can we be stressful at all?

Now when you bring your blessings into the mix during stressful times, it makes the reasoning that much more easier to not be stressed because you think about how much you love your family, your friends, God..whatever faith, possessions(although you do not take those with you on your journey when your physical body dies) but those possessions do keep you busy when you’re here on Earth in the physical sense.

Again, life is too short. Knowing that, how can we possibly stress the little things, like traffic, parking tickets, train delays, commuting, paying bills, family quarrels, money issues. Granted, some of these things can be difficult to overcome, but they cannot get in the way of how powerful your spirit really is. Therefore, I tell you, do not stress people/things/possessions.

All of this is temporary. For example, when you’re commuting on the train, you’re going somewhere….home. Knowing that you’re going home helps you deal with the temporary transitional period.

Treat life like a long commute, a transitional period. All we are doing right now is going home, so why stress? Sometimes it takes longer to go home than others, but at least we know that we’re going home to our loved ones whether physically or spiritually.

I’m going to leave you with this one word of advice:

Remember, when you’re stressing, it is only temporary. You MUST laugh at life, because if you don’t, life will laugh at you.