How to let go of someone you Love

Loosing someone you love may be one of the hardest things you ever do. Some people may argue that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. When you have a broken heart, this is all gibberish. The pain is there and it feels like it will never go away.

What are the circumstances that led to this situation? Why must you let go? Are you the one that chooses to walk away? Some things are out of your control. If death is the reason for letting go, try telling yourself that they are in a better place. Be as positive as you can, no matter how hard that may be.

Remember the good times. Think about all the memories you share with a smile on your face. Know that just because people change doesn’t mean that what happened has to. Don’t try to change the past. Leave things the way they were and be glad they happened at all. Be strong enough to walk away and try to pick up the pieces and start again.

Take it one step at a time. A broken heart does not heal over night. When you fell the pain of love, it seems it will never end. You feel so cold and alone. Don’t give up, no matter what. It seems like the end. Things will get better. You just have to give it time. When it comes to the healing process all you have is time.

Cry like it’s your last day on Earth. Scream. Write. Talk to someone. It helps to let it all out. Don’t let your insides mildew. Don’t tuck it all deep down. Have a support system. Hug your teddy bear. Confide in your best friend. Blog about it on the Internet. Talk to a therapist. There are many ways to go about it, and there is no wrong way if it makes you feel better. Do not bottle up your emotions.

Remember that sometimes you have to let love go and see what happens. Be patient and believe in true love. Sometimes, real love means making the one you love happy, even if it means they aren’t going to be with you. Looking back, we may sometimes realize that we were deceived by the idea of love and not the actual thing after all.

Channel your attention elsewhere. Focus on a hobby or a project that you have not been able to complete. Find a positive way to spend your time and energy. Volunteer to help someone else. Try to eliminate having too much free time. This will help you not to focus on the pain.

Whatever you choose, think about you. You know what is best for you. Do not stay in an unhealthy situation for the sake of someone else. Be good to others and expect the same. If someone breaks your heart, that doesn’t give you the right to do it to others. Live and learn. Understand that love makes the world go around, what does not kill you, makes you stronger and you will love again.