How to Get Rid of Weed Smell in Room or Car Quickly

Weed is addictive! Some of the most pleasant things in life are worth repeating. But one of the drawbacks of smoking pot is, it leaves behind a lingering odor. It’s always useful to know how to get rid of weed smell.

As this can be a sure giveaway to anyone. While you may have a medical card, it’s still nice if your clothes, car and home don’t give off a perpetual smell of weed. So if you have inquisitive parents or a nosy landlord, worry not! Following are some methods on removal of marijuana odor from your house.

‘Sploof’ or Deodorizer

A sploof is a very handy solution. It is a tube filled with dryer sheets, used to smoke weed when you don’t want to get caught, as it produces almost odorless smoke. Sploofs are easy to make and very convenient to use. In order to make a sploof, you need:

  • A toilet paper roll (without toilet paper on them).
  • Scented dryer sheets.
  • Scotch tape or a rubber band.

Once you have all the things you need, take the scented dryer sheets and stuff them about half full in the toilet paper tube. Lay two sheets over one end and tape the sheets on the end to cover an end up. So now you have a toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets and one end is sealed shut with dryer sheets. Now blow your smoke into this tube every time you toke. It makes the smoke come out smelling like fabric softener. This can help remove almost all of the marijuana odor. However a sploof cannot be used to deodorize the smoke coming out of the end of the blunt, which you are not inhaling. But it’s perfect if you’re using a bong.

So a sploof is great to remove weed smell from your car or room but making a sploof can be confusing for beginners. This video can help understand the process easily.

Get rid of weed odor quickly

Below are a few answers for the removal of marijuana smell.

Proper Ventilation to remove weed smell

Nothing beats good ventilation to remove weed smell in room. First and foremost, open a window when you enjoy your smoke. Turn on a ceiling fan when you are done to push the stagnant odor out. After a while the smell won’t be noticeable.

Odor neutralizing air freshener or cologne

Fabreze or such air fresheners work very well in rooms as well as cars. Cologne can also be used to neutralize the weed odor. By spraying a perfume or air freshener, you will be able to vastly reduce the detection of odor, in a timely way. But fragrant smells are tricky, as a mixture of scent can be suspicious as if you’re trying to cover something up.

Burn Toast

To go an extra mile, burn some toast in room. It creates a charcoal-like substance that absorbs smells. The best part is that the chemical is absolutely non-toxic, unlike many perfumes. However, teenagers may have to explain why they were burning a toast in the bedroom. But this method works perfectly.


Incense is a good alternative to perfumes. Light a stick of incense, before you take your smoke. The smell is pleasant, without being overpowering, and natural rather than a chemical scent.


Yes, you can use use cigarettes to remove weed smell in room. The bad thing about cigarettes (other than mouth cancer and whatnot) is that the smell of it lingers for a long time. Way longer than marijuana smell! So if it comes down to do or die, you can always decide whether you’d rather let your parents know you smoke pot, or that you smoke cigarettes. Lighting a cigarette is a quick solution. As the smoke is stronger than pot, it does a great job to mask the odor.

Removal of marijuana smell in the long term

You may be wondering about the long term solution for this problem . There’s a good chance that the smell’s trapped in the room. It becomes difficult to get rid of the weed odor in a room if it’s stuck for a long time. Apply the following methods!

Baking Soda

Getting weed smell out of the room becomes tricky once the carpet has absorbed the odor. The best way is to sprinkle baking soda over the surface of carpet. Let the powder sit on it for a day or so. Then vacuum the soda off the carpet. Baking soda would absorb the smell off the carpet leaving your carpet smelling fresh.


We can use a solution of bleach and water to remove weed smell in room. Use 1 part bleach to 10 parts of water to make the solution. Use a sponge to scrub your walls and floors to remove the weed odor.

Smoking Methods:

As you may know, there are several methods of smoking pot. Instead of asking “How can a person get rid of weed smell”, why not take preventive measures in the first place that little or no smell is produced. If you’re cautious about removing weed smell, using a more subtle method may help.

• Joints

Don’t smoke joints in a room or a car. Joints are very potent as they have the strongest odors. They can cause the house as well as your hands, clothes and hair to smell of weed.

• Bongs

Bongs are way more reliable than joints. The smoke is not that pungent as it comes out purified because of the bong water. Although bongs have a mild odor, they are never smell-free.

• Vaporizer

Using a vaporizer is the ultimate solution to odorless weed smoking. Although expensive, they leave absolutely no smell behind. Also vaporizers are a great solution to respect non-smoking roommates. Is it not better to smoke weed with no smell?

Important: Every time before smoking pot, get a descent towel, soak it in cold water, twist it up and push it under your door. This will ensure that the odor does not spread around the house.