A Controversial Relationship between the Statins and Muscle Pain

How the statins and muscle pain are related with each other must be haunting you as a peculiar question. But before throwing light on a relationship between statins and muscle cramping, let’s have a look what the statins are.They actually are the drugs used all over the world to lower a level of plasma cholesterol of human body and preventing cardiac problem. Statins inhibit the production of enzymes which automatically starts reducing cholesterol in the body preventing as a result muscle pain, cardiac pain and variety of other health complications. Although statins start its cholesterol-reducing effects within a few hours of consumption, the person experiences its great effect only after a week or two.

It was a research conducted jointly Akira Endo and Masao Kuroda belonging to Tokyo of Japan which revealed in 1971 that inhibitors of HMG-CoA reductase checks the unwanted production of enzymes in the body which contributes remarkably in the reduction of cholesterol, a main enemy of health causing muscular cramping and cardiac syndromes. According to the Japanese researchers, some other microorganisms also may produce natural inhibitors preventing the production of enzymes in order to defend itself from precarious effects of the enzymes. Mevalonate is one of a live examples of such inhibitors, produced within the body by the organisms, defending crucial cell-walls (aka ergosterol) form many contrary effects.

As we have come across a fact revealing how the statins check excessive production of cholesterol, now let’s have a look at how the statins causemuscle pain and other complications in the body of user. It is very simple to perceive how effective the statins can be in dealing with our unwanted cholesterol to be caused only due only to enzymes. It is the powerful effect of statins which leaves its positive impact over the body of user removing the cholesterol. But it’s side effectcauses muscle pain, muscular inflammation and different types of muscle related cramping as well which puts a question mark over the effectiveness ofstatins.

Controversial relationship between statins and muscle pain

Despite a claim made by the statin manufacturers that cholesterol-reducing statins remove the muscular pain, the pain in the muscles is found enhanced provided the statins are discontinued by the user. The muscle pain persists tenaciously in the body for long. According to a survey, only 20% muscle pain is found reduced following the consumption of statins. Another negative effect is its addicting the users which disqualifies the statins as drugs. The individuals consuming the statins regularly start experiencing enormous muscle pain provided they do not get the statins everyday. The addiction of USA’s astronaut’s crew members have substantiated this fact as they were found victimized of sudden addiction of statins experiencing muscle pain which embarrassed them a lot.

Seeking to get rid of unscrupulous cholesterol of their body the users of statins get addict of statins and become susceptible to muscle pain. As the statins used widely to reduce a level of cholesterol has already been approved by the FDA, its addiction-causing property has yet been overlooked by the health experts. Going through a few reports on the actual cause of death we find the statins responsible for causing such deaths. But it yet has not been dwelt on by the world’s top health researchers who appreciate the statins.

As every youth aging 21 starts losing ubiquinone (energy producing substance), the consumption of statins is found highly effective for their body reducing muscle pain and cardiac related complications mostly affecting the individuals after forty years of age. According to a report, the diets of Americans contain less than 5 mg/day ubiquinone, which causes muscle pain and cardiac problems, believed to be treated only with statins.

But despite being the effective remedial drugs, the statins cause a muscle pain among the figure-conscious individuals whoperform regular workouts. The exercisers using the statins alsoencounter some complications like fatigue, labefaction, cramping, aches and muscular inflammation in their body. If someone consumes the statins and experience muscle pain in his body, such condition should be taken as myopathy, directly related with the symptoms that are not dwelt on even by the doctors due only to statins’ cholesterol-reducingeffect.

Statins and muscle pain

Maximum number of the people in the world using the statins to reduce a level of cholesterol encounters the muscle pain. Around hundred million people, parasite on statins do experience muscle pain, teasing a claim by the statins’ manufacturers that cholesterol-reducing drugs do not cause any side effects in the body of users. What is remarkable to notice regarding a peculiar relationship between statins and muscle pain is the continuous usage of statins by the people all people all over the world without bothering to know statins’ muscle-pain-causing side effects.

Those who want to develop a slim and trim figure or dashing personality bidding a farewell to their fats also use the statins but what they come across as a result torments them a lot as a muscle pain. As the statins make the users addict of the drug, the user fails to abandon the statins and remain under the grip of severe muscle pains, fatigue, and weakness. The user gets easily victimized of sudden damage of muscular cells as well, known as rhabdomyolysis. Although figure of rhabdomyolysis-affected people is negligible, it affects the users of statins drug causing untimely death. According to a figure available, around 25 million people are reported to be affected from the side effects of statins experiencing a muscle pain and many otherrelated syndromes.

Statins are the pharmaceutical drugs used in the world to lower a level of cholesterol. Considered to be highly effective drugs, the statins are used to treat many other complications as well, such as ventricular arrythmias, peripheral arterial disease, idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, and depression. Some of the branded statins sold in drug stores are Lipitor, Torvast, Crestor, Zocor, and Lipex. Despite being a boon for the cardiac patients, the cholesterol-reducing drugs have lost their conspicuousness due only to a controversial relationship between statins and muscle pain.