Muscle Cramps in Legs: Best Remedies and How to Prevent

Muscle cramping is a deliberate and painful contraction of muscles or muscle groups. Usually in the extremities, most often in the legs, which affects the calf muscles or back muscles. Sometimes arise unexpectedly during sleep. Intense muscle fibers contract for a few seconds or several minutes causing great pain.


Muscle cramps in the legs may be due to various reasons that cause a sudden and involuntary contraction of a muscle or muscle group, with severe pain and often unbearable.


The cramps may be triggered by changes in circulation that causes lack of blood supply to the muscles. Exposure to cold can also trigger episodes of cramping as the primary join condition that causes physical fatigue cramps on long-distance swimmer.

Athlete with a very muscular cramps may suffer minor trauma to a particular muscle group.

Excessive sweating causes a significant loss of salt, can also cause seizures and the consumption of large amounts of food before doing physical exercise violence.


The affected muscle or muscle group, contracts with loud causing a sharp pain in that area. Efforts to remove or relax useless. Cramps itself very unpleasant but not dangerous unless they occur at the wrong time. Someone who swim off the coast, you can see his life threatened by cramps. With the emergence of seizures should stop physical activity performed and not try to keep at all costs.

Those who had cramps constantly have to consult with your doctor to rule out the possibility of underlying circulation problems.


The cramps are caused by circulatory changes should be interpreted as a symptom of a process that must be diagnosed and treated properly. Sometimes the cramps are treated in most cases, correcting the situation that acts as a trigger for them. People who exercise should not eat immediately before exercise of violence. When he was in the gym closed, or in a climate where you sweat a certain intensity, they have to replace the lost water and salt in parallel to maintain body fluid balance.

Massage or manipulation of tight muscles accelerate muscle relaxation, and specifically in pain relief.

Most people affected by what cramps while recovering.

Best Natural Remedies

Natural treatments for muscle cramp in the legs, use different remedies, which counteract the various causes which may lead. Learn how to relieve muscle cramps in each case.

The leg muscle cramp can surprise you after hours of intense physical training, but you also may appear in the middle of the night when lying down. These two situations are due to different causes.

In the first case is due to muscle exhaustion and dehydration with loss of electrolytes necessary for muscular activity, whereas in the latter case, generally due to vascular problems affecting venous return.

Therefore, the latter type of cramps are common in pregnancy and are one of the symptoms of varicose veins in the legs.

While these are the most common causes are not the only ones. Sometimes, the causes of muscle cramps in the legs are irritation of a nerve that governs the affected muscles.

Moreover, in many cases are caused by muscular effort that exceed the body’s capacity for which the agency is prepared.

The best remedies against cramps before they happen is to maintain hydration and electrolyte intake and not exceed appropriate limits of the individual body muscle work being done.

Also, if you have a sedentary life and wake you up at night cramps of vascular origin, due to poor circulation, it is best before bed, you do a series stretching the legs.

You can also find home remedies for cramps at night and natural remedies for leg cramps, where you’ll find other suggestions for home treatment and natural this annoying and painful muscle disorder.

Moreover, remember that horse chestnut vein promotes circulation in the legs.

The Best Methods For Bodybuilders To Avoid Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are some of the most common occurrences for people who do not stretch well. That is why you will find footballers and other sportsmen running for a few times round the field before getting to the real activity. This enables the muscles to stretch and all the contractions are gradually released so as to avoid any lactic acid from accumulation on the muscles and this is what leads to muscle cramps. It also helps to warm the muscle and make them prepared in the sense that they will not be shocked by the vigorous nature of routines later on.

When weight lifting, it is very important to have proper breathing and this is not to be debated. Therefore one must know how well to contain the breathing and this can only be through stretching. When you stretch, it is like opening the highway to all the transportation organs and this helps distribute fresh air and oxygen to the muscles. Nourishment is also a key aspect of your stretching because it enables one to have adequate nutrients in supply and the muscle therefore cannot go deficient of these important requirements.

For instance when doing a jog, there are very many muscles groups which are involved. These include the hamstrings, calves, hips, quads, and thighs, groin and adductors and all these are parts to be used in the process of your workouts. These means that, every part of the body gets sensitive in the sense that it is prepared for any eventualities. All the forms of restricted blood flows will be forgotten and the health of the individual will be upheld during the entire body building program.

Stretches also reach the deepest parts of your muscles which could not be well reached through other exercises. This is because the stretches are gradually done and it is this pace which is important in making sure that every part of the body gets a feel of the strain and is challenge to bulk up in the preparation of preventing shock in the process of vigorous workouts. It is only through stretches that you will get a chance to become flexible and perfect balance in your workouts and this is what you necessarily need for your progress in body building. For the time to stretch, there should be no argument about it, make sure that it is done well before and after workouts. In fact you can use the stretches when you are not doing any workouts to make sure that your stretched muscle do not close again and make it much difficult later on.