Possible Carbon Monoxide from Marijuana

Smoking any sort of plant will produce carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. It will produce second hand smoke and it will produce negative effects on your lungs and even your brain. Many people think that smoking the illegal drug cannabis, or marijuana, produces little health effects. In reality smoking this drug produces similar side effects of smoking tobacco on top of the proplems that are produced from the mental aspects of marijuana. The effects of tobacco and marijuana smoking differ, however, as they affect different parts of the respiratory tract: whereas tobacco tends to penetrate to the smaller, peripheral passageways of the lungs, cannabis tends to concentrate on the larger, central passageways.

It is important to note that many marijuana smokers mix marijuana and tobacco, mixing the negative effects of both in one deadly puff. Marijuana contains many carcinogens. Recent studies have found that smoking marijuana can lead to a five point seven times higher susceptibility of lung cancer as apposed to non smokers. While smoking this will coat the lungs in tar, many people have tried to find other ways to get the effects of a marijuana high. These ways include filtered cigarettes, vaporizers, one-hitters or mini-toke utensils, eating foods that contain marijuana such as Cannabis brownies, bongs, high potency cannabis, THC extracts,bleach and glue free papers such as Aleda and RAW. Although many of these may save the users of carbon monoxide, there are still many negative effects from using the drug marijuana.

Like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke contains tars which are rich in carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are a prime culprit in smoking-related cancers. However, cannabinoids themselves are not carcinogenic. An obvious way to protect smokers’ health is therefore to minimize the content of smoke tars relative to cannabinoids. This drug can produce negative effects anyway taken. Smoking it is the most dangerous of all the effects. Smoking it produces all the negative effects of the drug and the smoking. The cancer causing tars that coat your lungs are very dangerous to anyones health.

Marijuana is an illegal drug in the united states. This helps to keep the public from using this drug too readily. In European places like the Neatherlands, Marijuana is a common drug and the rate of use there is much higher then anywhere else. Bakeries specialize in foods laced with marijuana and many other drugs as well. From brownies to cakes, the numers of ways in which you can use the drug increases by the day.