Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke

It’s no secret that cigarettes have harmful health affects and that cigarette smoke contains tons of dangerous chemicals. There are a lot of different types of chemicals inside tobacco smoke, over four thousand different types of chemicals. Some of the chemicals are worse than others and those who smoke should know what is really in the cigarettes.

Some of the most dangerous chemicals found in tobacco smoke are acetone, methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and arsenic. Around 40 of the chemicals added to tobacco smoke are known to cause cancer and even just one cigarette leaves a good amount of tar in a smoker’s lungs. Acetone is the ingredient in nail polish remover and it is extremely unhealthy to bring into the lungs. Methane is the gas byproduct and it comes off of sewer gas. Arsenic is also a dangerous poison and is dangerous to breathe in with cigarette smoke.

Another dangerous chemical added to cigarettes is formaldehyde which is used to preserve things that have died. It contains ammonia which is used in bleach cleaning sprays and other cleaning products. The nicotine in cigarettes is also a pesticide and it is extremely addictive. When a person smokes a cigarette the nicotine hits the brain as quickly as six seconds. Cigarettes are very difficult to quit and a huge percentage of long time smokers die from complications related to smoking.

The tar in cigarette smoke does serious damages to the lungs in a relatively short amount of time. Also, cigarettes are dangerous to the heart and blood vessels. Smoking is very stressing to the cardiovascular system, so heart disease is a big concern as well as cancer. The cigarettes do produce a calming effect and they are hard to get away from permanently because of the effects on the brain.

DDT is also in cigarette smoke and this is a dangerous kind of pesticide and toxin. All of these ingredients are extremely dangerous to many bodily systems. On top of having all of these chemicals and dangerous ingredients cigarettes are fairly expensive. There are systems available to help people to stop smoking from nicotine gum and patches to acupuncture and therapy There are a lot of different types of ways to stop smoking and health gets better every year a person stops smoking and helps a person’s lungs. Talk to a doctor for a variety of different ways to stop smoking and more information about cigarette smoke.