How to be Hip in the Suburbs

Everywhere has its stereotypes and suburbia is no different.  You might think it hard for people to see you as cutting edge and hip if you live a nice, identikit home with 2.4 SUVs, in an area full of people who apparently belong in the Stepford wives.  However it is not impossible and if you are determined to stay hip yet live in the suburbs there are lots of things you can do.

Don’t lie 

There is absolutely no point.  People will figure out eventually what your dark secret is, and then you will look extraordinarily silly.  Instead be self-deprecating.  If you tell every suburbanite joke that has ever existed then other people won’t have a chance to.  Try to be a satirical observer rather than keeping your other suburban life hidden.

Don’t succumb to peer pressure 

Or rather, neighbour pressure.  Believe it or not you will be tempted to become more like your new neighbours.  However if you really don’t want to start listening to soft rock, comparing petunias and telling fascinating anecdotes about your new fridge freezer then resist.  Of course if secretly you enjoy such activities then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join in.  You can be hip in the city and someone else in the suburbs if this suits you.

Get out at weekends

It can be tempting to gradually spend more and more time nearer home and less time doing what you used to love.  Don’t let this happen.  Continue meeting your city friends and doing whatever wild hip things you used to.  Fair enough, getting home late at night might be expensive.  That is what sofas were invented for, so that you can spend all night seeing the latest bands, films, or clubs, and go home in the morning.

Don’t be embarrassed

If you are getting a hard time for being ‘uncool’ by one set of people and for being ‘unconventional’ by another, then I am sorry to say you are associating with children.  Adults don’t make such snap judgements and chances are neither your neighbours nor your social circle are actually doing this.  If they are, then have fun enjoying a good snigger at their expense.  And tease them mercilessly.

Make the most of what you have

You already know how to enjoy a hip city lifestyle and should remember to continue with it.  However you must have had a reason for moving to the suburbs and might as well appreciate what they have to offer.  From unusual shops, to interesting groups, to a sense of community, the suburbs might have a lot more going on than you expect.  Take a bit of time to explore your new neighbourhood and get to know people.

There’s no real reason why where you live should dictate who you are.  If you want to be hip and live in the suburbs then by all means do both.  You are not fifteen any longer and don’t need to think like a teenager.  Do what suits you, rather than what the stereotypes suggest.