How to Stay Hip while Living in the Suburbs

Hip is not a soccer mom wearing high-waisted jeans and rollers in her hair while buying toilet paper at Walmart.  Like it or not, this badge of honor is the offical emblem of suburbs across the country.  Undoubtedly it’s a tough job to overcome such a stigma, but it is possible to live a chic and fabulous life in the suburbs.

The suburbs are a cluster of commercialized chains.  From restaurants to grocery stores, many suburban areas are so similar, it’s often difficult to tell one from the other.  This makes it easy find what you like, develop your favorites and stick to them.  This also makes it conveniant to be boring.

Applebee’s fans are basically guaranteed to find their favorite restaurant in every American suburb.  Some would argue that it’s comforting to know that you can get the same chicken fajitas in every suburban locale known to man.  This way, you know what you’re getting.  You’ll never have to take a chance on an entrée that might turn out to be pretty disgusting.  Seriously though, where’s the fun in that?

Trendy restaurants aren’t just found in the city, the suburbs have them too.  In order to stay hip, you need to find these restaurants and give them a try.  After visiting these restaurants, spread the word!  If you had a good experience, tell people about  it.  If you’re experience was less than steller, tell people about it.  The more you chroncile your swanky suburban dining experiences, the more curiosity you will invoke.  After awhile, your city friends will be inviting themselves on your next adventure!

The same rules of suburban dining can be applied to suburban fashion.  Once you make your big move to the suburbs, you will discover ‘The Mall.’ This handy new structure will seem amazing to you at first.  Having an indoor compound brimming with stores is pretty conveniant.  In time you’ll notice that you always run into friends, neighbors and co-workers during your mall visits.  That’s right, if everyone is shopping at the same places, then everyone is wearing the same clothes.  This is dull.

The mall offers effortless clothing options, but the result is lackluster.  Take the time to discover the smaller stores that the suburbs have to offer.  These come in countless forms, from trendy little boutiques, to discount stores and thrift shops.   Devoting yourself to anything that offers easy access to the masses will make you boring.  You must differentiate yourself and your wardrobe in order to become a highly coveted suburban fashionista(o).

So now that you know the ‘right’ restaurants to frequent and you’ve added some distinctive gems to your wardrobe , don’t forget to show off!  It’s unbecoming to turn into a hermit.  Invite your city pals for a suburban visit, befriend your neighbors or chat up the other cool parents at daycare.  Make an effort to do anything that allows you to maintain a vibrant social life.  Don’t fall into a life of meatloaf, sweatpants, & old tv re-runs.

No matter how much fun you’re having in the suburbs, refusing to leave the comfort of your village will make you uninteresting.  If you live near the city, visit it often.  Go to cultural events, try new restaurants and cheer on your local sports teams.  For those who don’t live near the city, explore your neighboring suburbs.  It’s always interesting to see what other areas have to offer.  After devoting your time to discovering what the region has to offer, you will inevitably become more cultured.  People will flock to you with the desire to be enlightend on the secrets to your fabulous life.