Sociology how to Stay Hip while Living in the Suburbs

Being hip is all about being fashionable, stylish, up to date with the latest hip music culture, chic, trendy and in tune with the latest hip jargon. Living in suburbia may place a little strain on travel in order to get to the stores to purchase hip clothing, music and so forth, but it certainly can’t take anything away from having a hip persona. Unfortunately a myriad of people have the misconception that one must live in the city to be hip. They often tend to think that suburban living will place restrictions on their hip lifestyles. Many have mental images of the vast array of 4 x drive vehicles lined up along the streets, rows and rows of identical box houses which look so bland, open areas filled to the very brim with people who look as if they were all cloned from the same mould and unfashionable people who look as if they were transported from the 50’s era. Therefore they think it is impossible to be hip in suburbia. But why think this way? If you are adamant that you wish to be hip while living in suburbia nothing should stop you.

Be yourself:

Hip people are not wannabes, they’re doers. Trying to portray yourself as something other than what you are will only gain negative comments. Don’t go out of your way to push your chic attitude on others, they’ll only find you boring and annoying. You wish to fit in, not be ostracized. Overbearing people are far from chic, they come across as nerds. Be honest and upfront, but not cruel in your mannerism. Chic people are not immature, they’re supposed to be non confrontational and intelligent so act it.

Don’t go with the flow:

Chic is not being a follower, it’s all about being a trend setter, a leader. Don’t fall into the trap of being pushed into doing anything which goes against your beliefs. At times neighbours will attempt to tuck you under their wings and try to control your very life, many succumb to the pressure. This is not chic, it’s being weak and not in control. Chic people are in control of their lives, never allowing others to dominate them. Of course you do not wish to be ostracized from others but if you want an Emo haircut, why settle for anything less? Aren’t into gardening or quilting? Well so say before the entire gardening club is standing on your doorstep with a pile of rose bushes. Don’t allow any control freak to ruin your happiness.

Dress accordingly:

If you want to be deemed chic you must dress the part. While you may be a little far from the fashion stores there is no hard and fast rule which says you can’t make your own chic clothes. You don’t need to wear your best threads all the t ime but the look should be trendy and not outdated. Chic bright colours, clothes which compliment each other. Plan your wardrobe well and you will look chic all the time. Know how to mix and match outfits so that you can save money while still looking chic.

Make your house look chic:

Being chic in suburbia means that you can add a touch of your chic personality to your home. You don’t have to have the lacy curtains, splash out and purchase some eye catching chic curtains, colourful planter boxes. Make your house the talk of the neighbourhood by giving it a chic overhaul if possible. Plants some stately shrubs, modernize the windows trims, paint the house in a more modern colour, get rid of the old guttering and make the house look new. Make a statement. You don’t need to use all new building materials.

Don’t become a recluse:

Chic people don’t allow themselves to become recluses so get out and about. Meet up with your city friends, take a drive to town and reacquaint yourself with all your favourite old hangouts. Head to your old watering hole and have a drink with your city friends or family. Sign yourself up for some hip-hop dance lessons. Go clubbing and let your hair down. Plan to meet up with city friends every second weekend if possible, take your pyjamas, toothbrush and overnight case. No true friend will deny you a place to sleep every now and then.

Be proud of who you are:

There will always be some negative person who comes along and tries to undermine a hip person. Ignore them, obviously they’re jealous of positive, chic people. Be proud of who and what you are irrespective of what others think. If they don’t like it, they can build a bridge and get over it. These type of people have their own insecurities. Many simply need to grow up and get a life. Their likes and dislikes are not your problem. All you should be concerned about is living life to the max. At times you may meet a very bigoted person who tends to think life has a set of rules which says we must all act in a specific manner, like the same things and so forth but these people live in an imaginary would. If you are being teased for who or what you represent, chances are the true reason for this is because these people envy you.

Make an effort to fit in:

Being chic does not mean being standoffish, self centred or obnoxious. Your neighbours will no doubt wish to befriend you if you are a generally nice person. You do not wish to be completely ostracize. As the old saying goes, “ You don’t cut off your nose to spite you face.” This is where you live, so make an effort to fit in. You moved to the suburbs for a reason so you may as well make it an enjoyable venture. Explore your surrounds, introduce yourself to others. Try to be a part of the community and make the most of what it has to offer you. But don’t allow anyone to suppress your desire to be hip.