How Computer Software has Advanced Medical Technologies

Technological advances are being felt in many industries and professions, none more so than the medical profession. The introduction of a range of software is helping across the full range of medical activities:

a) Diagnostic
There have been many instances of equipment being developed for use as diagnostic tools for Doctors. Perhaps one of the most useful is the development of the CT scan software which allows a radiologist to build up an image of part of the inside of a patient’s body to help with the diagnosis and treatment of tumours for example.

b) Medical Records
The use of databases assists with the co-ordination and accuracy of patients’ medical records. In the UK a countrywide database is being developed so that Doctors in any part of the country will have easy access to full medical records, particularly useful in emergency situations.

c) Provision of Information
Instead of having to leaf through a number of medical pharmacopoeias and directories, electronic versions of these documents makes the retrieval of vital information, perhaps about the contra indications of some drugs, much easier and more straightforward. Some also include assistance for diagnosis when the patient’s symptoms are input.

d) Treatments
The use of imagery software has made it easier for a number of treatments that might need to undertaken, particularly surgery in difficult to access areas of the body such as the brain.