Use Fresh Lemons to Make your Body Ph Alkaline

Lemon water’s health benefits:

Fresh lemons make water alkaline.  Just buy a fresh lemon, and wash it first. A teaspoon of baking soda in eight ounces of water will rid the rind of any chemicals.  Use a vegetable brush in a bowl of water and ‘clean’ the lemon for about two minutes.  Then, rinse it with water.

A lemon squeezed into a gallon of water will keep in the refrigerator about three days, and you can have it over ice or drink it lukewarm. Drinking it lukewarm is actually better for your system because your body doesn’t have to use energy as it does with colder water.  If you want to drink fresh lemon water by the glass, one teaspoon per ten ounce glass is a very healthful drink.

Most people are very acidic because of stress, lifestyle, habits like smoking, drinking,  and eating processed foods.  Even activities like being on the computer require you to use antioxidants and measures to make your body more alkaline.  Of course, if you live near a highway, you are breathing car and truck exhaust fumes; and carbon monoxide isn’t good for anyone.  Our polluted cities don’t help, either.  We are exposed to constant factors that can cause acidity.

A person’s pH level should be alkaline.  You can determine your level of urinary pH by purchasing pH strips at a health food store.  The cost is about $12, but you only use about 1/2 inch each time you test, so they really are pretty inexpensive.  A pH level of 7.0 – 7.5 is ideal. You will be able to determine your own pH level by a color-coding on the back of the box.  If you are very acidic, the paper will turn a mustard yellow color (highly acidic), graduating to a dark blue (excellent alkalinity).

Even though lemons in their natural state are very acidic, they are alkalizing in our bodies as they are metabolized.  This is such an easy way to maintain alkalinity.  Your body pH can change from very acidic to alkaline in only five days if you drink about two ten ounce glasses of lemon water.  Be sure not to add maple syrup to it, as this will turn it acidic.  Lemon water without any sweetener is very refreshing.

Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C, calcium, and other minerals our bodies need.  This simple nutritional routine can ward off not only colds, but serious diseases, even cancer.  Cancer cells cannot grow or thrive in an alkaline environment.