Have Ufos Visited Earth

Last January’s (2008) big UFO story from Stephenville, TX caught my eye because of its uniqueness. It was the biggest multiple sighting reported in decades. The story made the headlines for a couple weeks on the major news media. What was special about it was that over a hundred people from around the area reported the same or similar stories about a large craft shaped like nothing man has made. They say that it hovered 100 feet off the ground in silence, and had an arrangement of lights that shined unlike anything on an aircraft.

With so many witnesses claiming that this thing was out of the ordinary, one would be inclined to think that an alien craft really had visited Earth, again. To back it up, the Air Force claimed it was not involved. But two or three weeks later, the Air Force issued a statement claiming it was a part of a secret project, giving no other details, and that the public was to forget about the incident. The media seemed to have dropped the story after that, and I hadn’t heard or seen any updates since.

I scratched my head over this peculiarity, because I’ve always had a problem with whom I could believe or disbelieve. The media and the government are always a suspicious bunch, and people who report the incidents haven’t proven their credibility either. To complicate the issue of whether or not UFO’s have actually visited Earth, I analyzed how and why they would, and came up with my own refutable results.

The first item in my analysis is the list of thousands of reported sightings around the world in the last few decades. None of those sightings seem to have any irrefutable evidence to back them up. I wonder how thousands of foreign objects can come to Earth without more of them being detected by the vast array of sensing equipment around the world. Governments don’t control all the sensing equipment, including many satellites, and although radar and other sensor operators have reported “ghosts” and other contacts that could change directions quickly and move at incredible speeds, I find it hard to believe that all owners of the equipment around the world have collaborated in a conspiracy to cover up thousands of UFO detections.

UFO’s might be made of advanced materials that render them undetectable to radars, IR sensors, or sound detectors, etc., but that doesn’t refute the claim that many UFO’s allegedly emitted electromagnetic radiation. If witnesses saw them in the dark, they certainly emitted detectable energy. Thus, more contacts or sightings should be reported than the media indicate.

The second item I considered is that alien craft would come from another solar system.
All extra-solar systems are light years away. Without technology far advanced of our own, it would take thousands or millions of years to travel here. Considering that many of the UFO’s sighted displayed amazing capabilities, it would be practical to assume the aliens have advanced technology. Such technology would be costly and time consuming to develop.

The third item I thought about was the short time span of the majority of the encounters. Many UFO’s hovered around, or landed in some cases, for a few to several minutes. Then they just zoomed away, never to be seen in that location again.

When I put these elements together, I wind up with a big question: why would intelligent beings spend the money and effort to travel so far to come to Earth, spend so little time here, or at least in one location, and leave? Some claim they may be analyzing elements of the Earth or nature, and seizing specimens, including humans, but the locations and the specimens taken or killed and dissected don’t fit a scientific routine.

If the aliens don’t ever make official contact with humans and initiate some form of relations, their whole effort seems to be big waste. In that respect, why do they keep coming back for short visits? Could they be observing the situation on Earth, while waiting for mankind to become extinct, so they can colonize the planet without a fight?

I admit I wouldn’t understand an alien’s mind or his culture, but science has proven that even on the other side of the universe, the laws of nature still prevail. Even if they await mankind’s demise, spending that kind of effort in the meantime has to reap a payoff, or it is lost. If aliens have visited Earth and spent little time near the surface, then their payoff must come from another source. Maybe the sun or another planet. That is the only explanation I can deduce from the little information gathered from all those UFO sightings.

Another aspect to think about is that aliens could exist who are so far advanced, that they could be watching us without our knowing it. But, the history of UFO sightings leaves me with some doubt as to whether aliens have physically visited Earth. Until irrefutable evidence surfaces, or aliens actually make contact, I must follow my logic.