Handwriting Analysis Graphology Secrets to Finding the Real you

Handwriting analysis, or the idea that your handwriting can contain clues to understanding parts of your personality or inner being can be traced right back to 330 BC, when Aristotle said something like this in his writings.

He said, that speech expresses your ideas, thoughts and desires within the various inflections, the tone and the different sounds, and timbre embedded into your voice. Aristotle compared handwriting to speech, saying that handwriting is a visible form of speech and which also shows indirectly in some way the writer’s underlying beliefs, thoughts and emotions, in other words essentially their personality and character.

Aristotle noted that just as spoken words are a symbol of our mental experiences, written words are symbols of our unspoken words, or unconscious thoughts. Just as no two people have the same speech patterns or sounds, nobody also ever has exactly the same handwriting, as somebody else.

The state of a person’s health, both physical and mental can usually be determined by an expert graphologist from a sample of their handwriting. Other things such as their specific talents and aptitudes, and the particular strengths and weaknesses of their characters, all of these can all be ascertained or discovered about a person from their handwriting as well.

It is not generally known, but the fact is that we all have access to all knowledge through our own soul at all times. There are never any secrets then except for what we are not accessing right now, because we are not in need of accessing this information right now.

Our handwriting is another tool that we can make use of, and it is a part of this knowledge that we already know intuitively, and that we can always access in some way to help us to understand ourselves, and to get to know things about ourselves that we do not perhaps currently know. We might surprisingly recognise these new findings to be true for us when we identify this particular trait of ours revealed to us within, or from our very own handwriting.

Our handwriting too can be a window into this hidden knowledge and reveals aspects of our inner self which we might be trying to keep hidden away from ourselves. No two people have the same identical handwriting, and so our handwriting really does become our own unique signature to our being who we really are.

Handwriting analysis is in some ways a dying art, as people move to computers more and more. But in all things physical, there are clues pointing to who you really are spiritually. Our inner beings and inner ways of behaving or functioning reflect into the way we are and act and carry ourselves in our outer lives as well.

Handwriting analysis allows you various insights into your own personality, and into your subconsciously held beliefs and thoughts. Handwriting or signature analysis can reveal aspects of yourself to yourself, that you are trying to conceal away somehow for some underlying reason, even from yourself.

The size of your handwriting is linked to the size of your own confident handling of your own life. The smallness of writing, and which is more small than normal, is a sign that you are wanting to hide your true self away, and diminish what you show of yourself to others. The pressure and the heaviness of your pen in handwriting is a measure of the force of your personality. A strong ego personality link will be shown in a deeper and stronger heaviness of pressure in the writing indenting deeper into the paper.

These observations are not always true in every case, but we are talking here only generally. If a person starts to change his or her handwriting, and if it then becomes smaller in size, this is a good indicator that something else is going on within them. Not much can be found to be really truly useful just from a quick and cursory once off assessment of someone’s current handwriting style.

A really true assessment can only be made from taking numerous samples of his or her handwriting, from differing periods in their lives, and then comparing the changes made over this longer time frame. The changes are all being made for a reason, and sometimes for a good reason, and sometimes the reason is to help them to hide themselves further away from the world.

How does handwriting reveal anything about our inner workings? How does it show us some hidden thinking patterns, and behavioural tendencies that we might be adhering to in our lives?

Handwriting goes to the inner, because all the inner parts of you are connected to the outer parts of you. Handwriting analysis is an interpretation of the graphic symbols expressed in our writing from our subconscious minds of our inner natures and inner being, and from our physical, emotional and mental states. Similar to our dreams it can reveal many hidden aspects of our psyche revealing the ups and down of our life, including our fears and life traumas, to our inner soul purpose, motivations and the ambitions of our inner self on its unique soul journey.

What the handwriting is showing you, is an aspect of your inner self, portrayed pictorially in your writing. Your handwriting as such describes pretty much an exact picture of where you are at now in your life, and also where you have been. The various loops, the different shapes, and method of construction, the time that you take, the characteristics and flair of the writing, all show a certain tendency for you to be like that in other areas of your life as well.

All are mirrors and pointers for you, when you notice that these truths are connecting to all the other aspects of your life. Specifically though, we cannot supply individualised details to interpret this for others. This is because to obtain an accurate assessment of your handwriting, it is requiring you to know yourself, and really only you can ever know yourself, and so you can only ever interpret your handwriting completely accurately for yourself.

Similar to dream interpretation, only generalised remarks, or common distinguishing features that are broadly based, can be gathered together, and noted for examination, or general knowledge type purposes, but generalised advice such as this will never conceptualise the exact picture happening for you individually.

You need to try to find your own symbols, and interpretations, and explanations for your own style of writing. This is not so difficult to do, as it might first appear to be. When you look at the forming of the letters, the linking of the letters, and the flow of the words and writing, you will find that you will begin to just know the depositary conditioning elements deposited in your own writing to allow you to notice this linking back to your own subconscious.

Consciously looking for connections in this way, always leads to the connection being shown to you in one way or another. This is the way your consciousness level grows in awareness, and moves you closer towards God consciousness, and to total living from unconditional love. We are all on this path heading in this same direction.

The subconscious always manifests to you outwardly in some way, and reveals itself to you. You just have to begin to read, and to know your own signs for acquiring insights into the workings of your own mind and soul.

Handwriting analysis as found in books never specifically applies directly to you. It is only a general conglomeration, and an amalgamation of observed observations and created facts. It can however be a good starting point for you to begin to establish a few ideas about what your own handwriting and its particular own symbols might be trying to point out to you from your own subconscious mind.

All of these types of divination techniques and even including psychology are based on general concepts of behavioural structured patterns, based on observing specific occurring incidences combined into a database of generalised knowledge.

For the unique individual, we must always allow for the fact of them being unique before we can really find their true reasons for being, and for acting as they do, and observed generalisations might or might not help us to do this. They could act as a pointer to help them to move forwards in the right direction, or they could actually head them off into the wrong direction.

Handwriting is an outward representation of the inner you. It has been shown that you can consciously change your personality by altering your own handwriting. This is of course not really altering your real personality, just accessing it in a better way, and that was being blocked off beforehand by all of these constructed defensive mechanisms, and of which your handwriting can also be one such form of outward defence stoping you from seeing the real you.

This usually comes about because you fear yourself, and are afraid in some way to be the real you, or all that you can be.

Life experiences can cause you to feel fearful at times, when you temporarily don’t feel the love that is still there, and which is always really there. We then set up a disguise of our real inner selves as a defence mechanism, or as a protection from the outside world.

There is always some sort of real connection that is still going on in both directions however.

Handwriting reveals an aspect of your personality that is grown by you, to grow outwardly in order to cope with your world. This is then displayed as a mirror or beacon to attract yourself to yourself, and also to give an internal message outwardly to other souls. The real you though, only you, yourself will ever truly know.

It is an accurate statement that by consciously changing any habit such as your ingrained style of writing, you can cause a mental shake up of yourself, to occur inside of you, and so help to bring about the needed change from a stagnation of being that has been fixated by fear, and so is not changing inside of you right now.

When you alter your own handwriting style consciously in any way, even by writing left handedly, you will access other parts of your psyche, and so this technique will help you to get newer insights into the way that you are really being made up, or put together from your different lower bodies.

Your physical, emotional and mental bodies all influence you in their own way. The overrider should be you though, working as soul, through these bodies, and so to be wholly you, utilise all of these tools to detect the parts of yourself that are working from an automatically timed response from a lower body, rather than still incorporating, or adding the true insightful connection to the real you in all that you do, and are doing.

Handwriting analysis can assist you to do this, and to help you find, and to be the real you. Just make sure that the you that you find is the real you, and not the you that some handwriting expert, authority or book is trying to tell you that you are. Only you are you, and only you know the real you. Your life will never be completely real, until you are being this real you, and not someone that some other person, or system is telling you that you are.

The inner being or soul is linked to all outer forms of itself. The inner is revealed from the outer, and the outer connects to the inner. The inner is far larger and more involved than just what the handwriting is showing to you, but the handwriting often reveals the current personal karma and personality that your soul is carrying within this particular lifetime.

For example the smallness of your handwriting doesn’t necessarily point to a smallness of your inner being. It could be showing you that you carry less karma within this life, and this is confirmed if your handwriting is neat and orderly. Karma, heavy karma is shown by its erratic affect on handwriting, making it all a stressed appearance of a mixed up disconnection with any real balanced position of soul. Karma keeps you away from being who you really are. The handwriting is not so much revealing the true you then, as much as it reveals your current karmic influences.

The backwards or forwards slanting and height of your letters all contain meaning within their symbolism describing to you what you are always trying to tell to yourself in some way or another.

However these symbols too are also really more linked to individual characteristics rather than to specific traits that apply to everybody across the broader spectrum. The general idea of somebody writing with an extension of their letters to greater heights or lengths than considered normal, shows a maladjustment or exaggeration in their currently held beliefs or ideas about themselves. They are proud people with a too high opinion of their own abilities, and which they don’t really in fact possess at this stage within themselves.

These beliefs of reaching out past their present level of abilities, are usually distorted and ego based. They think they are greater or better than what they really are. They exaggerate their skills and talents and knowledge and life abilities a bit. The slant in your writing generally shows the inclination to be negative or positive, but it also relates to whether the writers are left handed or right handed. For a right handed person a backwards slant shows generally a disposition to have a negative outlook on life generally.

Handwriting analysis can help reveal yourself to yourself, helping you to know yourself better and to understand yourself better. It really is a window into your inner self, that when opened for you, like numerology also does for you, will help you to live a fuller and more complete life as your real self. It helps to connect you to this self, through recognition of parts of yourself that until now you may not have recognised or acknowledged fully and properly as yet.