Great Museums of Science around the World

Science is a subject which incorporates many intriguing areas of study. Whether interested in zoology, biology, chemistry, or environmental science there are museums showcasing many marvelous wonders.

Museums are spectacular places to see the human body, roller coasters in motion, and what lies beneath the Earth’s crust. Some of the great museums of science include:

~ American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is a monumental scientific showcase in New York, New York. From the Audubon Gallery to the Spectacular Stibnite of mineral specimens to the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life there are spectacular exhibits and shows for the entire family.

~ Museum of Science in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts is home to the magnificent Museum of Science housing Lizards and Snakes Alive, Far, Far Away in the fantasy land of Star Wars, a planetarium, theaters, and live presentations. The Museum of Science in Boston is a great place entertaining visitors who return numerous times to continually take in the exhibits and live shows.

~ The Franklin Institute Science Museum

The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a large museum offering extensive exhibits, theaters, educational programs, and research for science learning. Innovative exhibits are part of the intrigue of the Franklin Museum.

The IMAX museum features movies on a weekly basis. The children’s museum is a massive hands-on exhibit for kids. The Franklin Airshow, Sports Challenge, and Giant Heart are more of the intriguing exhibits at the Franklin Museum.

~ The Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago Illinois brings exhibits such as the Magic and Science of Cinema and Television capturing the Black Creativity of 2008 which is a historical and contemporary overview of African Americans in film and television.

Omnimax films, educational tours, and exhibits of the Mummies of Pharaohs, farm technology, coal mining, and fairy castles can be toured on a daily basis.

~ Science Museum in south Kensington, London

Science Museum in south Kensington, London is a fun-zone for kids to explore, play, and enjoy hours of fun learning and discovering the wonders of science. Adults will enjoy the special exhibits such as the exploration of algae or Plasticity, which explores the last 100 years of making plastics.

The museum has special exhibits by age group allowing toddlers to play and explore in their own little world while the older children explore in their own scientific areas. Groups are divided in to five groups: Adults, ages 12-16, ages 8-11, ages 5-7, and under 5, allowing everyone the chance to investigate.

~ Ateneum for Children in Finland

The Ateneum for Children is a spectacular place for children to explore, learn, and discover in a fun way. There are expeditions in the areas of joy, sorrow, solitude, companionship, and compassion. This is a remarkable museum for children.

~ Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany

The Deutsches Museum is Germany offers expansive information within their library and a actual views of historical artifacts. Educational classes are offered and exhibits can be toured on a daily basis.

The Kids & Co portion has discovery workshops, guided tours, and hands-on fun for all age levels. The Deutsches Museum is one of the best museums to visit.

~ Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland

For anyone who loves sports, desiresto know all about sports, and who has a passion for the Olympics, The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland is the finest historical, cultural, and artist demonstration of everything about sports and the Olympics.

~ National Museum of Denmark

From free guided tours to the Children’s Museum to the journey into the cultural history of Denmark, The National Museum offers a wonderful exhibit to explore. There are royal coins, classical Eastern Antiquities, and beautifully arranged prehistoric collections waiting for visitors to tour.

~ Centre d’histoire de Montreal in Quebec, Canada

Officially called: Ancien quartier general du service d’incendie, and also known as Caserne centrale des pompiers this gorgeous museum as built sometime in 1903 or 1904. Dramatic and majestic sits this regal museum waiting for tourists to peruse the halls.

Self-guided tours through Montreal’s rich history can be experienced throughout the week.

In many places around the world, hundreds of spectacular museums await visitors. If a visit in person is not an option, virtual tours are a good alternative and provide an inside look at details of awe-inspiring artifacts and views of spectacular relics.

But nothing takes the place of personally visiting one of these splendid museums of science.