Great American Museums to Learn about Water and Oceanography

I am going to list museums that I have visited, and that I consider great places to learn about water, water management, and oceanography.

1. The Birch Aquarium and museum at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC
San Diego was designed with an educational mission.

2. The Wrigley Marine Science Center, Catalina Island, California. This
facility offers educational tours and workshops.

3. Morro Bay State Park, Museum of Natural History. The exhibits focus on the
forces of nature. Morro Bay is representative of sandy beach intertidal

4. The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, California has exhibits that teach
about the marine life of Monterey Bay.

5. Oregon State University, Hatfield Marine Science Center Visitor’s Center.
Visitors are greeted in the lobby by a Pacific Octopus. Marine science
researchers put their own work on exhibit. This is a good museum for young
children. Located on Yaquina Bay, Newport Oregon. Yaquina Bay is
representative of protected tidal mud flats and sand flats.

6. Flaming Gorge Dam Visitors Center, Dutch John, Utah. Learn about water
management and how the dam was constructed.

7. Hell’s Canyon Creek Visitors Center, Hell’s Canyon Dam, Idaho. The
visitors center presents daily summer programs about the river and Hells

8. Delaware Museum of Natural History, Wilmington, Delaware. The museum
houses more than 2 million mollusk specimens, from all over the world, which
includes all 7 living classes of mollusks and many fossils. There is a
permanent exhibit about mollusks on display.

9. The Virginia Marine Science Museum and Aquarium, Virginia Beach,
Virginia. This museum Presents 3-D IMAX marine and nature movies.

Hopefully, this list will inspire others to share.