Great Schools and Institutes to Study Water and Oceanography in the us

When you ask most marine science majors what schools they are considering you will most likely hear of the University of Connecticut Avery Point campus. This quaint coastal campus sits off the Long Island Sound. The school also has a great working relationship with the Mystic Aquarium located about 20 minutes away. The students will have access to three research vessels located at the dock which is about a 2 minute walk from campus. These boats can be scheduled for research purposes and have a full staff. The outreach program is amazing and there are often kids from local schools visiting and partaking in the voyages to the surrounding waters.

The marine science building is of new construction and sits among other historic waterfront properties. This building is commonly called the Marine Sciences and Technology Center or MSTC for short. Housed inside this amazing building is the most cutting edge research tools available to a student. The campus also boast an extensive diving program and offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees in Marine Sciences.

I attended the University of Connecticut (UConn) and majored in Corporate and Organizational Studies. During the course of my degree I attended a satellite campus in Avery Point located in Groton, Connecticut. Now I never majored in oceanography but I did take a 101 oceanography class and can tell you faculty have transferred to Avery Point specifically to teach in this world renowned facility.First off the campus is absolutely amazing. Breathtaking is more the word. It sits on a peninsula jutting out into the Thames River. The scenery is amazing as you stroll down the coast by the outdoor art and adjacent lighthouse.

Overall it is one of the best campuses I have had the privilege of visiting. The atmosphere is great with people sitting on the lawn enjoying the view of the Sound. The Brandford Manor houses the academic portion of the campus and also doubles as an art gallery. The only bad thing I can mention is the lack of housing for students, all students must live off campus and commute to school. Other than that, my experience here was very satisfying.