Gravity Angular Momentum

If you have ever wondered about the force of gravity and what exactly causes it, then sit back – for you are about to enter the point of no return. Gravity as Einstein has proved, is the result of space-time curving. This curving can be thought of as the surface of a trampoline with a heavy object on it. The trampoline will bend in response to the mass of the object. The heavier the object – the more the curvature. Any other object of lesser mass will want to roll torwards this heavier one due to the impression that it creates upon the trampoline. Do you understand? Good.

Now when we talk about gravity people often want to start talking about quantum mechanics. This is because quantum mechanics is thought to be THE science from which classical mechanics can be derived. Now it is true that classical mechanics can be derived from quantum mechanics, it however, can NOT create a true unified field theory. This is due to the fact that quantum mechanics is false. Has anyone ever stop to think about the basic axioms of quantum theory? The first postulate states that causation does not matter. Now we know and understand that causation is a fundamental property of reality. If I do this – that will happen. If I don’t do that – that will happen. Nothing ever just happens. There is always some cause for that event to happen, whether we know of that cause or not.

Nassim Haramein has completed Einsteins work. He has completed a geometric unified filed theory that has absolutely nothing to do with quantum mechanics. He was able to achieve this by fully understanding the dynamics of a black-hole. Up until this point, physicist have been attaching the frame of reference to the rotating black-hole, thereby removing some very special properties of it. Specifically the dynamics of the spin component. You see if you ask any physicist right now, what created the spin of everything that is rotating, he or she will tell you that it all started in the big bang and it has been spinning sense then. But how can that be? Everyone knows that when you spin anything that it will always come to a rest eventually. So what is causing everything to spin? Space-time torque.

In Harameins theory he has added a new term to Einsteins field equations. Torque. With this modified field equation he has produced a new solution as well. It correctly describes the source of spin for every object. Namely, space-time torque. You see when Einstein wrote his field equations to describe gravity, he basically said that matter/energy warps space-time like a heavy object upon the surface of a trampoline. With Harameins new term included the result is that yes, space-time curves in the presences of matter/energy, but it also twists or curls – like water going down the drain. This space-time torque is the source of all angular momentum. It causes everything to spin.

As time and space curve, gravity is produced. It is not so much an inherit property of an object as it is the geometry of space-time.