Unified Field Theory Fundamental Principle – No

Of course there could be if you believe in quantum mechanics. However, if you believe in quantum mechanics, then this is probably why you have not heard of Nassim Harameins new unified field theory. Haramein is a swiss born physicist who completed Einsteins work of a complete geometric unified field theory. Proves that in fact, there is NOT a basic fundamental particle. Instead, there is a basic fundamental PRINCIPLE of creation. This principle is division. Think about it. How do trees grow? Just take a look at any tree. Go ahead right now. Do you see how as you follow the base of the tree upwards, it divides? How do you think biological cells grow? You guessed it – they divide. You started off as one single biological cell, and from there it (you) divided into two. Then again into four, and so on. So to think that the basic fundamental principle of the Universe is division, is not new.

Haramein goes on to point out that the reason why we keep discovering new particles, is because we are creating them. This is straight from Einsteins mass/energy relationship. Enough energy can produce a certain mass or particle. In fact those particles are really little divisions of the vacuum. Not only subatomic particles, but all objects for that matter – atoms, biological cells, planets, stars, galaxies, and the Universe at large. Everything that we perceive is nothing other than a division of the vacuum energy density at various scales.

So what are the properties of this division? Well to put it into a single word – torque. Specifically space-time torque. Everyone knows about the properties of the gravitational field correct? That gravity is the result of space-time curvature. Well as space-time is curving it is also twisting or curling like water going down the drain. This twisting of space-time is what produces spin – angular momentum. It is because space-time rotates that there is structure in the vacuum. When space-time is spinning it produces axises of rotation, which gives the vacuum its structure. The torquing of space-time fractures the field and produces a division, a boundary, a border, or an event horizon. So every object from a subatomic particle to the large scale Universe is just a different size black”whole”! That means we live inside a black”whole”! Imagine that.

How can this be you ask? Well when a star dies and has over four times the mass of our sun, it will produce a blackhole correct? This is what is commonly taught in astrophysics. However, Haramein has proved that the black”whole” has always been there. The radiation that we perceive is the result of the division the the vacuum energy density. It is the plasma that is accreted on the surface of the event horizon. When the black”whole” has accreted to much plasma – it becomes unstable or unbalanced. There is not enough space-time torque to keep it rotating, so it explodes into a supernova. The object has decreased its radius, and as such is rotating a lot faster like a pulsar. Imagine a skater bringing in his/her arms and increasing their angular velocity. They rotate much faster. If the angular velocity is fast enough, we call it a blackhole. But you see, the black”whole” has always been there the whole time, we just observe its dynamics much closer to the event horizon.

To sum up, there is no basic fundamental particle of creation. If we keep looking – we will always continue to find smaller and smaller bits of matter. If however, we turn our attention to the basic fundamental principle, then we can discover a basic fundamental geometric unified field theory. This has now been accomplished.