Flaws of the System

As humans we are imperfect, and therefore any system we create will be imperfect. When referring to a system, you generally think about government and its organization. From a current standpoint, the government is failing in many systems such as society, education, wasted money, funding unnecessary wars, promoting too much free welfare, and not properly functioning in its primary role to defend citizens and the Constitution.

Taking the economic system of our current government, obviously spend and spend some more seems to be the going trend. Who knows how spending more is going to benefit a country with an endless hole of debt is beyond any rational thought process. The current system in the United States is what is known as corporate socialism. Corporate socialism occurs when the majority of business is run on a large scale with government bureaucrats and their commissions bumping secretive heads with executives.

There is obviously a chance to practice some improper business in there. With corporate socialism, large corporations are assisted by the federal government and given special permissions due to their tax payments. In this type of economy, the government cares little for the small businessman because he does not supply them with billions of tax dollars.

Other flaws occur in the societal system. As a society we function in a civil manner by understanding common laws, rules, and manners that are applied during communication. When the government steps into the system of how a society functions, they have once again jumped over the boundaries of what needs to be done. Regardless of your political leanings, the government often steps into the moral fiber of American society, which is in large decay.

A few commercials on TV will give you a taste of what Americans really want in life. Possessions and sex are what truly seems to matter in today’s society. Because of our failures, the divorce rate is higher than the marriage rate eroding the point of a lifelong vow to a meaningless swash of words put out by the larynx.

Looking at the educational system of public government schools, we see a nice steady decline in intelligence against our former generations and other countries such as Japan where children are taught to excel. In America, children are often taught that winning never matters, and in the end a child will progress through school barely understanding what they need to know to pass.

This is not how you educate children. To educate children means to prepare them for the real world. This includes a lot more than simple reading, writing, and arithmetic. The world is constantly changing and some education should be focused on what society is and how it can be bettered for future generations.

Now let’s take a look at our military system. There is no doubt that America reigns supreme militarily, and sadly continues to escalate violence in the Middle East in the name of terrorism. The real terrorism in America right now, are the Mexican gangs entering our country. Never do you hear the President or anyone on the federal payroll bother with this “pointless” subject. Certainly the military should be deployed to that area along the border, not to some distant sand land chasing down guys in caves. It is a waste of military resources and another example of a flawed system in America that requires a fix.