Civil War in America could it Happen again

Civil war in America is a proposition that requires certain conditions to be met. A significant segment of society has to be dissatisfied enough to declare itself a sovereign nation, obtain and secure a sizable tract of land, move a significant portion of their population there, and to formally declare war against America.

The United States Of America is just that: The UNITED states. That relationship is fixed and permanent. No sovereign nation that is a state in the United States of America can secede without declaring and attempting to prosecute war. No group of individuals can declare war against a country without being in leadership of another sovereign nation. And there is no one tract of land in America or it’s protectorates where they can establish themselves as a nation without sizable resistance, destruction and death.

What certain elements of American society are calling “Civil War” is not possible, and any action that they would take to attack their own country would be met with the full force and fury of a vast majority of equally, if not more, angry Americans. No civil war can be fought by pockets of extremists who are spread throughout the nation. That is guerrilla war, not civil war.

That guerrillas would then have to go up against Latin American and other drug cartels that can buy America out of it’s national debt with a single cashier’s check, and which has a sizable illicit military force of it’s own that is giving the entire American and Mexican governments as well as the rest of the world a run for their money. The drug cartels favor a stable America and a stable customer base that is not destabilized by civil disturbance.

The guerillas would have to engage in large scale terrorism in a nation that is already on heightened alert and where no one goes anywhere without being filmed, followed or tracked by state of the art technology.

That segment would have to conspire to enact the official mutiny and support of the majority of commissioned and non commissioned US military officers and most of sworn law enforcement, all of whom would be instantly subject to the death penalty for treason, mutiny and for abandoning their posts. The majority of commissioned and non commissioned US military officers, as well as the enlisted forces, are not of a treasonous nature. Most of them actually hate those who want to disrupt their country.

In the urban areas, they might briefly do well in the financial districts, but would be wiped out before they could make their presence known in any areas where turf is turf, and where no one invades without serious consequences. No one wants to imagine what would happen if all of the American gangs and organized criminals aligned against people who they hate, anyway.

The individuals who find civil war as their only option are already disorganized sociopaths who do not have the discipline, morals, self control or capacity to maintain good order and discipline among the millions who would be required to suffer the grueling, chaotic, devastating and catastrophic consequences of war, whether it is guerrilla war, terrorism, or what they mistake for true civil war.