The Origins of Psychology

Its terrorism of the mind, and every government of any country can do all and spend all they can to stop the madness, but this war will never be won, because its imposable to know whats going on in peoples minds. their are young people being brain washed to go on suicide missions, they are made to think that they are so brave and that they will be seated on the right hand of god, (ALLAH), Children are being taught in their schools to hate all westerners.
As long as people have their opinions, and convictions, the real question is ‘HOW FAR THEY ARE WILLING TO GO’ and with so called terrorist groups out their recruiting, their young, there’s always going to be an endless flow of willing brain washed solders of terror ready to die.

Governments in those country’s who claim that they are doing all that they can, should not only go out searching for terrorists and arresting them, they should also with the help of other governments from around the world, try to get to where the real problem starts, in the homes and in the schools. Educating the young and getting them to understand that what they are being told in the home and in their schools is wrong and that westerners are not as bad or evil as they are made out to be, and that their religious believes have nothing to do with what is happening right NOW…! However trying to change peoples views and opinions will take a very, very, very long time, so its pure LUCK….All the fighting,and bloodshed, is merely a band aid on the problem, its good to hear that progress has been made in the fight against terrorism, but the war against terror is never going to be won, not in my life time or the next generations life time.