Fear of Death

The reason that some fear death and some do not is simply a matter of acceptance.

It can be argued that a fear of death is a natural thing as it is a defense mechanism given by the brain to safeguard our safety. It would seem that on the whole the human being has been trained from birth by the brains defense mechanism to fear the unknown and to prompt people to be careful with what they do in their actions in dealing with, and exploring the unknown.

Unfortunately death is really the ultimate unknown of unknowns in that you will never get a chance to explore and then come back and tell the story. It is the final thing that you know will happen to you and that it is unstoppable. It is the one thing that humans have no control over and that is one of the reasons many people fear it.

There are many ways to deal with the concept of death and many religions offer an explanation that can comfort a lot of people.

There are establishments that offer clients a cryogenic freezing process that allows a certain amount of people hope for the future.
People can accept death by looking at it in a kind of circle of life way and look at their children and know that a little piece of them will always be carried throughout future generations.

Many people accept that one day death will come and that they want to get as much enjoyment out of life as they can and live their lives to the full.

A lot of people are thrill seekers’ and will push their bodies to the limit to achieve that ultimate adrenaline rush, accepting that it may bring death closer to them. They deal with death knowing that even though it is an unknown factor and that they are actively courting it, at the same time they are making that decision to take a risk and in a kind of weird way it puts people in control.

Some people cannot accept the idea that one day they will die and choose either not to confront the issue in their minds or lives. Depression, unhappiness and regret will affect a lot of frightened people who cannot and will not accept that one day they are going to die. It is allowed to blight a life and sour the soul.

The way that many people move on with their lives is through an acceptance of what is going to happen to them. The person must reason through, accept, and come to terms with their impending death because the brain needs to know this information. If the concept of death is either ignored or not dealt with, the human brain will continue to send warning signals to our glands to make us aware of what is going to happen.

Every living person on this earth is going to die one day. Knowing it and then accepting it is the key to having a fulfilled life.