Far from Land Mass in the Presence of l Water – Fact

The myriad facts of the Bermuda Triangle read like a wrap-sheet of cosmic prank calls that abruptly ended without warning.

There is merit in listing many of these facts, but for the purposes of this essay the focus will be on process more than content.

What do all the incidents of disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle have in common?  All occurred far from any substantial land-mass, in the presence of large amounts of water.

What is known about water?  

First, water is a chemical compound, called H20 (aka one part hydrogen to two parts oxygen.)  Harmless enough by itself, but combined with other chemicals falling water becomes “acid rain.”

(On the surface it may seem terribly far-fetched to point out the fact that some dilution-ratios of acid can disintegrate some types of metal in a relatively short time, but the highly-mysterious disappearances without a trace in The Triangle, qualify such a brain-storming conclusion at least as plausible as any other.  Wouldn’t you say?)

Secondly, water that is quite helpful when calm is highly-unstable, bordering on apparent-volatility when agitated.  At high enough speeds water and air combine to have the effect of driving a sledge-hammer against a cement-block.

To cite precedence, the atmosphere is sometimes, called “an ocean of air.”  This is logical, due to the consistent chemical make-up between the water and the vapor forms of H2O.  

In early 1986, the Space Shuttle, Challenger, disintegrated just minutes after lift-off, leaving no large pieces (of which I am personally aware) of the orbiter to examine for clues, regarding what went terribly wrong.  The disintegration could have been related to speed, heat, and friction augmenting previously-imperceptible cracks in the fuselage as well as the O-rings, the window glass connection points, et al, creating explosive processes that occurred so rapidly that no visual equipment, (including the eye,) could record the problem.

Apply the “speed of wind scenario” to the region of the Bermuda Triangle in which Perfect Storms would be expected to be more common-place than anywhere else on Earth.  

Do Perfect Storms pack winds of such velocity that the hulls of boat can be easily smashed?  Are the winds strong enough to pulverize or disintegrate hulls, too?

What is the possibility of C.A.T. being the culprit in the Bermuda Triangle?  

Clear-Air Turbulence is one of a pilot’s most-feared enemies.  Clear-Air Turbulence is for lack of a better term, an “invisible tornado,” that quickly and often without warning occur.  

“This phenomenon can cause an aircraft to drop several thousand feet in a very short time, not unlike an elevator, or force it into other maneuvers that are going to seriously dislodge passengers therein, or anything else that is not tied down,” according to Gerald Sterns of the website, http://clearairturbulence.com/ .

Therefore, Clear-Air Turbulence, wind-sheer, rapid changes in temperature at “cruising altitude,” as well as other conceivable scientifically-plausible processes could explain much with regard to the disappearance of the airplanes.

Bottom Line:  Talk is cheap.  No one really knows what happened to the friends and family, who just disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.  

However, the speed at which the environment can change locally and regionally should be more than sufficient to cause any thinking human being to respect this awesome world in which we live.