Extraterrestrials Assuming Control of the Earth

I remember once how a teacher quieted our boisterous science class by explaining a crazy theory about how the dinosaurs were placed on this planet as an experiment by extraterrestrials. She went on to explain that once that experiment came to an end, the dinosaurs were replaced with human beings. These human beings were introduced in the form of homo-sapiens and homo-erectus. The homo-sapiens would go on to win out in this aspect of the experiment, but how long would man live on before our experiment would come to an end?

Few, if any, of us believed a word of this fantastic sociological theory, but it did leave quite a bunch of us scratching our heads. Could we, as a race, bring life to other planets? Maybe on dead Mars, or one of the watery moons around the planets of Saturn or Jupiter? And looking at the other side of the coin, what if aliens reappeared on our planet and decided to re-assume control of our planet? How could it be done?

Quite a few global warming scientists and theorists believe that we losing control of the planet by our waste, pollution and a blatent disregard of our industrial effect on the climate. Greenhouse gasses may not turn our planet into a CO2/methane atmospheric planet like Venus anytime during this generation, but who is to guess our future?

An easy way for extraterrestrials to speed up our doom is to speed up a process we may have started ourselves. Stirring up volcanic activities can create a nuclear winter all across the face of the Earth. This would reduce the number of the population, without the devastating effect of fallout by left over radiation from some nuclear attack. A global, volcanic caused, nuclear winter could kill us, but have the Earth back in shape within a few 100 years. All this without any lingering or uncontrollable result a biological attack might produce.

How do you create such a nuclear winter? Interfere with the seismic activity under Yellowstone National Park, a live volcano and catalyst for such a super eruption. Create a maelstrom using a ready to explode natural force like this live volcano and it will lead to quite a devastating global effect. The initial energy the aliens would need to cause such havoc is little in comparison to the resulting force of nature. The aliens could put the chain of events into action, leave the planet and return less than a couple of centuries later to take control of a more manageable number of surviving human beings.

Another route to a complete global take over would be biological. We, as humans, for years have been over-medicating ourselves with most of the newer and stronger antibiotics. So much so in fact that a growing, large number germs and bacteria are becoming immune to our effort. Extraterrestrials, already immune to certain alien bugs and viruses, could certainly use this tack as a way to gain complete control over us, biologically.

We, human beings, are a fragile people. Though we have been adaptive to changing conditions for thousands of years, we can’t completely evolve in one or two generations. Control the weather and you control us. The planet Earth has the perfect temperate condition for humans. Freeze us and you can destroy us, heat us up and you will destroy us, too. Just a matter of a few 100 degrees either way and we as a race will disappear off the face of the Earth in a matter of a few years, if not decades.

As you can see, the theories mentioned above don’t involve space rays or civil detention. The aliens don’t have us in chains and turn us into slave labor. We, as a race, just go away without much of a fight at all. And the worst part of all of this is we don’t really need the aliens to start the process. We are doing the job pretty well ourselves.